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Indomitable Will (please fix)

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Can we please fix indomitable will under psionic mastery by lowering its recharge time. It’s just too long in my opinion.  I like rune of protection but don’t like that it’s magic looking. Yes I know it sorcery, but non magic toons I am sure like it and want it to fit there theme. Would be nice if RoP had a non magic look option to it. 

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RoP has 60 second duration and 180 second unenhanceable recharge for 33% uptime. IW has 90 second duration and 360 second recharge. Slotting the power alone can bring the recharge down to 180 seconds. Global recharge can bring it down to 120 seconds. That's 75% uptime and vastly superior to RoP. If the power's recharge were to be decreased, the duration would have to be decreased to match and/or the recharge would have to be made unenhanceable. 


IMO, the biggest shortfall of IW is that you can't use it while mezzed, it has to be used proactively. I would much rather this be changed.

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Actually I think it is already one of the best powers in an APP and it alone pushes the entire set to the top or second best. I think rather than just telling you your idea is bad I should explain in detail.


Please consider the following:

  1. IW is an epic power pool power, which usually have longer cooldowns (double or more) than equivalent powers in primaries and secondaries. You cannot expect it to perma just from SOs. Compare similar buffs like Soul Drain in Soul Mastery.
  2. It completely closes a major weakness while active which is normally impossible for the AT without incarnates. Normally you need to use Clarion Destiny to get mez protection, giving up Ageless.
  3. Even without IO sets, it gives 50% uptime purely with two +5 recharge IOs. This is very good for an APP buff that closes your lack of Mez protection. This is even more so since it is a controller APP, meaning you can use your primary mezzes to proactively prevent your enemies from mezzing you.
  4. The practical limits of recharge are in the +250% to +300% range, using Hasten and sets. With a 90 second duration and 360 second base recharge, It is entirely feasible to have IW perma or very close to perma by putting two +5 recharge IOs in it and getting 150%-200% global recharge from IO sets.
    • This is made easier by the fact that several Controller secondaries have +recharge buffs, such as Time, Kinetics, and Rad.
    • By taking IW you can take Ageless Destiny instead of Clarion, which will reduce its cooldown even further.
  5. Considering this, IW is amazing. I am serious. Psionic Mastery is one of the best APPs.
  6. If you draw too much attention to it, the HC devs are more likely to nerf it than buff it. Most click buffs in the APPs are impossible to perma, or very weak if they are, or have ridiculous END costs. For an APP click buff to be usable all the time is relatively uncommon.

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