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Officially Unofficial Weekly Discussion #23: Zone Events

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What is your favorite and least favorite zone events? 


Favorite is probably the hellion fire. I would still like it updated but it feels like one of the few to only times in the game you are saving people not just hitting things. 


Least favorite.is the ghost ship. It's just dull.




How often do you participate in a zone event


Depending on my mood I try to do 1-2 a week



Do you find the rewards balanced versus the time and effort required for the event


Not even a little bit.



What would you do to improve zone events overall? 


Start with removing levels from them a LVL 50 toon will still have no real issues dealing with hellions but as it is now it a waste of a hero's time to help people witch never feels right.



How would you design a new zone event if given the opportunity


would probably have 4 different zone events in each area. 


1, An activate event. Where the players need to do something or not do something for the event to start.  (Stoping the clockwork in KR)


2, giant monster event. (Just a gm or av that will show up for a bit and then go away)


3. Natural zone event. (Like the troll raves)   


4, multi zone event. (Like the rikit invasion)


I Think having one of each event in every area (even things like the sewers/roman area/ firebase Zulu) would have more hero's chasing zone events like gm hunting. Or even make it easyer to "protect" one part of the city.  Can out out a list of made up events I foolishly made over the years but don't want to bore you all 🙂

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Not really into the Zone Events myself. Generally too much hassle for not much gain...and I tend to solo more often than not.  What does surprise me though, is given the number of Skulls and the ineptness of the City Planning Dept in putting the Main Police HQ in the middle of what amounts to occupied territory, that there isn't a Skull Army zerging the PPD HQ until you find and put down the main leader(s) type event. 


Skyway....yeah. Planning Dept. needs to be completely canned for that mess. The elevated roadways look wild and all...but no City engineering dept in the world could budget for a mile of those things, not to mention dealing with the earthquake resistant design protocols. (yeah...my day job involved this stuff so it trips my OCD button every time I'm in the zone.) lol Same thing with some of those monstrously tall retaining walls. 😉

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