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  1. SG Name:Guardian Legion RP/RP Friendly: Yes (prefer to be IC as often as possible) Theme/Era: Hero SG, Room for sidekicks and Villans to join and work with heros or become there villans. Redside/Blueside: More blue leaning Recruitment Message: Guardian Legion is a New RP, SG Looking for members. We are a SG with room for Heros,Sidekicks, and even Villans. Having awoken from his Coma,the once thought dead hero has returned to his base to find his friend gone and the base ab bonded. Requesting aid from the City he seeks to restore his old SG and find his friends (starting event)
  2. kito

    No Dayjob?

    started a gold Toon and cant get dayjobs both my hero and villans can is this a bug? (lvl 42 now still no dayjobs)
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