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Please consider additional functionality for the character selection screen

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Features I'd like to see include


A tab for all my chat channels.  This way I can check /lfg to see which character I want to log in to, and possibly reserve a spot on a team.  Use the currently selected character for the character name


The old City Info Tracker web site, but for only my characters.  I'd love to be able to search up a badge to see which characters it is missing on.  Or which character (if any) is holding a given IO or has inf.


Different ways to sort my characters, by level or alphabetically, or by AT (yes, I know you can search on the AT)


I'm sure there is a LOT that could be done to help players manage their rosters better.

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I appreciate that, and will make use of it.


But the fact is that the roster screen is just lackluster.  It has zero functionality beyond selecting, creating and deleting, and renaming your characters.


So I pick a character I want to play and sign in.  Then see that my SG or someone in LFG/TFs is posting something I want to do, so I have to send a tell asking them to hold a spot and give them then name of the char I'm alting to.  It's a nuisance.


And all the rest of the functionality I requested.  It's all little QoL stuff, and I have no idea how much trouble it would be to implement, but features could be added incrementally.

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My understanding was the login server doesnt know whats going on in the game server by design.  When you are on the character select screen,  there is essentially no load placed on the game server.  Choosing a character loads that singular characters information only as they are loading into the city.  If the game server had to load the ingame info for every character on someones character select screen,  the hit on server performance would be massive.  If 3 or 4 people are attempting to login and they each have 50 or 100 or 200 alts,  the server would have to load more character data than most of the servers online population combined in just a few seconds.


This isnt to say that its impossible.  The team has made previously thought impossible additions to the game.  But what would be a small quality of life improvement for some players would likely be a major project for the team.  You can certainly remain hopeful but i would anticipate using those 3rd party trackers for quite some time.


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