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Singularity side visuals


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Anyone who has played a character with the Gravity Control powerset long enough to get Singularity should know that it picks up loose items to produce a little 'gravity fountain' effect — loose leaves, spent shells, the debris from FFG exploding, etc.; I was curious — and bored while waiting for a timer to run out — and looked at the various emotes that tossed stuff out to see if you could 'populate' your Singularity with stuff for it to toss.


Both 'Throw Confetti' and 'Throw Rose Petals' produce objects that Singularity will capture and toss. 'Throw Rice' doesn't; it appears to be a purely visual effect with no actual particles. Similarly, the spray of confetti from 'Open Present' does not get caught up; it likewise seems to be a purely visual effect. So if you think your Singularity needs some glitz, you can toss in some confetti or rose petals to give it something to do when you don't have convenient debris for it to grab.

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i was revamping my badge hunter AE mission, and ran it with my grav/time troller. one of the mission objectives is to destroy an object for the badge. i put in a mailbox as the destructible object. the singularity, or one its victims caught in a grav trap, will suck hundreds of letters, even before the box is destroyed. upon destroing the box, even more letters are released. i have yet to try this outside of the AE mission. will test and see if it works on the streets. i wonder what the penalty is for looting mailboxes in atlas park would be? 😁


note: i tested it in talos, it seems taht it is the gravitional pull of the singularity that pulls mail out of the mailbox. no other power. so it needs a victim and to be in the right spot to make this sort of mess. once out though, the singularity will carry around the letters. 😄

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On 11/6/2023 at 4:08 AM, Ridiculous Girl said:

once out though, the singularity will carry around the letters. 😄

And there you have it. Singularities collect and carry around random things they can toss around inside them to make them look prettier; they're clearly female. 😁

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Second time I've been able to post this today, but he also does good work near a dumpster.


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