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Dude, Where's My Endurance?


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Don't skip AM (Accelerate Metabolism).  It's possibly the least skippable power in Radiation Emission.


I'd also be very reluctant to skip Enervating Field.  There are 4 powers in RadEm I would not skip -> AM, RI, EF and LR


Do you intend to use IOs, is the number of slots in a power intended to leave room for IOs?  Specifically Radiant Aura, the 4th Heal enhancement is returning very little do to ED/Diminishing Returns.  The slot is better used elsewhere unless it's intended as a holder/room to place IOs.  If not the swap it out for either an Endurance Reduction or Recharge Reduction.


The second slot in Boxing is better employed somewhere else.  Ball Lightning, Maneuvers are a couple places in need of slots that jump out at me.


Lingering Radiation needs to hit the target to work.  I'd slot Accuracy first.


Do you only team or do you solo or want to be able to solo?  What notoriety setting do you tend to fight?


Hover is not an endurance hungry power.  I'd stop at one slot unless planning on using IOs.  It also makes Choking Cloud harder to employ.  While you don't have to be on the ground for CC you will tend to effect less area at ground level which is where your foes are typically.


Thunderous Blast is a nuke.  I'd slot for damage over endurance modification.  Similar I'd like to see Short Circuit inflict damage but at least the endmod slotting sets up the Shocked mechanic for your other blasts.  And like CC, SC wants you to be on or very near the ground to maximize the area at ground level effected (and hence number of foes).


Ball Lightning needs similar slotting as Charged Bolts and Lightning Bolt.  As an AoE I'd prioritize it over either of other two for who gets the slots.

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