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Build Help axe/elec


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Hi everyone, I was wanting some help with my build. I'm making an Axe/elec scapper. Just because I wanted something that I hadn't seen running around alot. LOL! I'm not looking to do any real high lvl content with it. Just regular 50 content (no +1a or anything). I usually build for Smash/Lethal defense but this time. I thought I'd try for positional defense (range, melee, AoE).


This is what I came up with so far. Are there sets that I'm over looking? That will help me get to softcap?



Battleglad - Scrapper (Battle Axe).mxd

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For a scrapper, remember your resistance tops out at 75%.  You're going to go way over that on Energy, and you don't need to put in a lot of effort to get smashing and lethal there (I'm looking at Mids and with just Tough and Charged Armor [and a few IOs like Shield Wall proc, etc.] 4-slotted with Unbreakable Guard I'm at 67.1%).  Yes, higher than 75% will help your debuff resistance resistance, but that's a fringe case.  So I find that focusing on positional defense is a good priority once you are satisfied with your resistances and heals.

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