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New base sky: open sky passthrough questions

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There was a brief comment in the patchnotes that this is now available.


1) can we actually fly above the base now

2) how can you slap it on?


servers are down now.  it may be as easy as pie, or....base building (juggling three china plates on a teeter totter while someone shoots you with a paintball gun.)  heh.  

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2 minutes ago, Coyotedancer said:

Yes. And it's a ceiling selection for the room you're picking styles for, like the current "open sky".

Thenk you.  I have an open sky across my graveyard / base.  Recently put in a lot more detail.  Now will probably put in a ton more.  Need to find a construction crew that will work for Infamy lol.  


So....with the pass through.  Can we just easily build tall now?  Like....towers right through the open ceiling?

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We should be able to.


I tested it out over on closed beta with the older "two level" base I'd built there (Nemissary's Oranbegan base-), which is a "traditional" bounded base with open skylights and a landscaped "roof" layer above. I had been using the in-base telelporters to access the upper level from the lower, but with the new pass-through ceiling you can just fly straight up through the skylights without having to use a teleporter.


ETA: That base is GHOSTSINTHEHOUSE-2240 if you have access to the Paragon server and want to check out the effect. The place is a maze, but has several skylights that use the new ceiling.





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