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Demorecord features request

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The ability to play animations starting at later frames, and at varied speeds

When creating a demo files, you can cut off any animation by interrupting it with another animation, so it's possible to skip any portion of the end of an animation. But there's no way to skip any of the start of the animation by beginning it at a later frame. It would also be very convenient to be able to make an animation play at a varied speed. Ideally this feature could be used by just typing some extra digits on a line in the demo file where you put an instruction for an NPC to do an animation. As an example:

0 1 MOV SMASHCAST 30 1.5

This line would make it so that 0 milliseconds after the last instruction, entity 1 plays the SMASHCAST animation, starting at frame 30, at 1.5x the default speed. This would really open up a lot of possibilities for creating interesting displays.


No more SKYFILE spam

At some point, demo files started getting recorded with dozens to hundreds of lines with a SKYFILE command. No one seems to know what this command actually does, demos run fine and don't look weird without them, and all they do is bloat the files and complicate the process of figuring out various timings between instructions. If they're not important, could they please just stop being recorded?


Record hit animations again

For some reason demos stopped recording animations that NPCs and players do if they're hit with attacks. This obviously makes it much more difficult to find out the animation names of those animations. Whatever bug is stopping those animations from being recorded, could it be investigated?

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