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Sea of Thieves: a question


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Is anyone playing Sea of Thieves?  If so, a question:


Can PvP mode be toggled on and off? 


The game looks interesting.  It's on sale on Steam right now, but I can't seem to find a clear answer to whether it is toggle-able for PvP.  I'm never interested in pure PvP games.  I have been interested in condition-based PvP games.   Back when playing WoW, I used to love the PvE/PvP toggle, and I often participated in joint actions invading or defending.  Most of the time, however, I was not flagged for PvP.


I've been reading around trying to resolve this, and I'm getting small literary works for what should be a one or two paragraph answer.  I'm being told it is both PvP and PvE, but then being told it is something of a unique design, and that if I want to kick back and fish (PvE) go ahead, enjoy yourself, but there are others that just might want to prey.  That's not a PvP/PvE setup in my thinking.  That's pure PvP with someone stupidly acting like there's a PvE element.  Obviously, there's probably a better explanation out there, but I've yet to get a clear, concise answer.

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There is lots of PvE content but the world you're in is always PvP and any other player can attack you.  It heightens the risk of everything you do, which is interesting, but it is a world of pirates after all.  Plays much better with friends 🙂

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