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Tanker Tuesday still a thing?

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On 5/18/2023 at 11:00 AM, Techwright said:


Ah, thanks!  I was not aware there was a server rotation involved.  No wonder I didn't see anything.


Exc is the first Tuesday of the month....so coming up June 6th.  Usually have a huge turnout for the Excelsior events, so come on out!  WSTs are usually on the menu and there is always a missions team (or two), led by a 50, so newbies and/or lower-level toons can get into the action.


The months with five Tuesdays then offer (like next week) an MSR or some other big event.  Those also rotate, so this time the MSR is on Torch. 


The TTT thread is already linked, so you can get more info from @Warboss's posts and the basic rotation is in his signature:


Tanker Tuesday and Tanker Tuesday Tour Info:

1st Tuesday-Excelsior

2nd Tuesday-Torchbearer

3rd Tuesday- Everlasting

4th Tuesday- Indomitable

Special weekend run for Reunion/Europe

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Reunion - JAWBRKR (Inv/SJ Tank), Lich-ilicious (Necro/Dark MM)  Torchbearer - Will Power-Flame (WP/Fire Tank),  Frostee-Freeze (Ice/Emp Troller), DARKNESSREIGNS (Inv/DM Tank), BALLBUSTR (Inv/SS Tank)  Indomitable - PLVRIZR (Stone/SS Tank), The Atomic Warden (Rad/Rad Defender), FACESMSHR (EM/EA Brute)  Excelsior - NUTCRCKR (Inv/SS Tank) - VL500+, DRKSTNITE (DA/DM Tank), Nosfera-too (Kin/Dark Defender), FIREBLLR (FIre/Therm Corr), THUGSRUS (Thugs/Dark MM), Marshal Mayhem (Fire/MA Tank), SLICRDICR (DB/WP Scrap), NECROTANK (SD/DM Tank), FRMRBRWN (Spines/Fire Brute), AVLANCH (Ice/Stone Tank), SWMPTHNG (Bio/Rad Tank), FREEZRBRN (Fire/Ice Tank), ZZAAPP (Elec/Elec Brute), Voltaic Thunderbolt (Elec/Elec Tank) Lemme Axe You Somethin (Rad/Axe Tank), PWDRKEG (Fire/FIre/Pyre Tank) EverlastingMISSADVENTUR (Inv/SS Tank), Mace to the Face (SD/WM Tank)                                                                                                                   

Retail 2004 (pre-I1) - 2012 lights out; Feb. 2020 - present

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