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Blaster Week


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To gently redirect my altitis (yet not trigger any ODD tendencies), I’m focusing on an AT a week. This is BLASTER week. 

One in my stable is a Psi/Fire/Mace that has been languishing at T3 since before power reordering and both sets’ revamp. Time for a new build! Before I get out my trusty legal pad and pen, I have some questions:


1. In Psychic Blast, what are the preferred single target attacks now? I currently have TB, MB, PL. Thinking of swapping MB for WD (tiny bit of control option and faster cast time) and adding PD, again as it’s a super fast cast time. SM seems too slow but what do I know?!?


2. Currently soft capped S/L/E with Scorpion Shield. Seems like a nice opportunity to switch to Fire APP for Bonfire and build towards 32.5 R/A and a decent chunk of melee. I can map out 85% slow resist with this approach but have a path to 100. What is the functional difference between 85 and 100? Worth pushing it all the way? When it helps, ITS GREAT. But doesn’t seem to be something that comes up too often. 


3. Burn and Consume both look like stinkers. Consume I never used (except as a mule for E/N def) even though it’s in the build except when preemptively to deal with sappers. And Burn’s radius is tiny. Any compelling reason to keep these? (Leaning towards dropping burn for the reduced cast time Combustion while keeping FSC - drop FSC instead single at least Burn is fast and leaves a patch).


4. Use to play in melee range with lots of jousting. Hot Feet helped with a KD proc. Still worth keeping? Or more trouble than it’s worth if I’m no longer soft capped?


As always Hive Mind, many thanks. Please don’t send a Mids link. I’m off that sauce for the time being. 

The Splintered Soul Project: (Nyght****) 21 and counting (18 max). 


DSorrow: “Give a man a build export and you feed him for a day, teach him to build and he's fed for a lifetime.

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