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Help with an Electric/Electric Controller build?


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I've only ever played blasters or scrappers before, so my first foray into a controller has been a bit of a headache. :< She's a Science Electric/Electric controller, and I've been picking her powers 'in order' for lack of any greater game knowledge. So far I'm level 9 and have Electric Fence, Shock, Tesla Cage, Rejuvenating Circuit, and Chain Fences. Is Electric Fence redundant with chain fences? Also I took Teleportation as my movement ability. I've been shoring up my lack of real offense skills with the Nemesis Staff (Origin Bonus) and an occasional Sands of Mu pummeling, but I know those drop off over time since you can't enhance them.


The only other topic I found on this subject is 3 years old and nobody could agree on anything, so I'm hoping maybe I can get some better wisdom here.. Halp ❤️

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Controllers' inherent is Containment, that doubles most of their damage. Any critter that is affected by an immobilize, sleep, hold, or stun is considered "contained". So establishing Containment on critters as quickly as possible should be your priority. Electric Fence is a single target immobilize while Chain Fences is AoE. I personally don't consider them redundant because in order to contain bosses you need two applications of a status effect, meaning you'll need both.

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It depends greatly on the purpose of the build, but I could see skipping on one of the two Fence powers. Some might make the case to skip Static Field, but I found it useful. I would skip on the Rez in EA. Pretty much anything else I would at least try before deciding if you want to keep it in the end. 

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Elec/Elec is one of those combo's that can potentially end up doing no dmg unless you "fix" it by picking up Arcane Bolt and Epic attacks. You also don't really need heavy recharge or Hasten, because the longest cooldown you're dealing with is Paralyzing Blast. If you do go with Hasten, you can pretty much rapid fire support powers.



  • Electric Fence - This is the lowest dpa single target immob attack of the Controller primaries. It's only useful at a low level to increase your dps, but I'd respec out of it once you can get Arcane Bolt.
  • Tesla Cage - Like all the single target holds, it's a decent single target attack when fully procced.
  • Chain Fences - A reliable way to set up aoe Containment. I usually proc it or set mule it.
  • Jolting Chain - Nice knockdown soft cc. It can take 3 procs, so it can be a semi decent single target attack, but the procs won't go off in the chain.
  • Conductive Aura - This is super nice to help your endurance issues. With a 20ft radius you can skirt the edges of a mob with it, or take Hover and fly above enemies.
  • Static Field - One of the better sleeps, it keeps reapplying so it's reliable cc. Can do anything from 1 slot it or set mule it.
  • Paralyzing Blast - Standard emergency aoe hold.
  • Synaptic Overload - Your go-to power to engage groups of mobs. Full slot it.
  • Gremlins - Passive dps.


  • Shock - It's okayish. If I take it I just single slot it and use it for the -regen.
  • Rejuvenating Circuit - Standard heal, take it and slot it.
  • Galvanic Sentinel - I don't have much use for it. It's not amazing, but maybe some people like it.
  • Energizing Circuit - Nice group buff, can bounce back to you. I usually 1 slot it.
  • Faraday Cage - Take and slot for resistance.
  • Empowering Circuit - Decent group buff, I usually 1 slot or use a tohit set.
  • Defibrillate - One of the better rezzes if you choose to take it. It's melee but it's a 20ft aoe rez, and doesn't have a crash.
  • Insulating Circuit - Take it and slot it, the absorb is really nice.
  • Amp Up - Kinda weird and skippable. It's not a dmg buff, instead it's better to buff a Defender/Controller/Corruptor, especially if they're in melee.
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