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Halloween Badges


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Well that time of the year is approaching when the event with the most badges will be running. 


Here are the links to the Homecoming wiki that show the badge information, which is current as of last year's event.   35 badges plus 2 Accolade badges for a total of 37.  Good hunting!








Addendum: last year the new Elite bosses and their badges were added. The badges award prisms when obtained but they then patched them so that while you are level 1 to 24 you can fill the badge meters for them, but the badges and prisms do not reward until you train to level 25.


Also: be sure to have a ToT costume power with you when you do the Haunted Mansion.  You dont need to wear it the whole time, but if you want the badge you MUST activate it before the final giant is defeated.  Kheldians and Granite armor may shut down the costume power when they transform.

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25 alts with all the badges!

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Looks like with the current stock of characters, I'm at 31 complete, 52 with at least the Aether, and 16 with none.  Pretty sure 15 of the 16 will get at least the Aether plus others, we'll see how many of the 52 finish up.   And of course, there may be a couple new chars in the mix.

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