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Two more suggestions.


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Before anyone asks. It's to save me time and not have to do 2 topics. 😅 But the suggestions are...
A pop-up warning on the screen that the clock in the United States has been advanced, or delayed, for those who live in other countries and think that the Hami Raid will start at the same time, for example.
And a special and different invasion for Kallist Wharf. Like a giant monster coming out from behind the building behind the Statesman Statue, or some aliens other than the Rikti.

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Meh to invasions and GMs. They're just not interesting.


As far as the clock thing? Not all of the *US* even does the DST shuffle twice a year. Since they're player led events, the organizers are the ones responsible for mentioning it.

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I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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