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Autohit Sleep can cause miss streaks


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This happened when I was trying to finish off a Champion Swiper (+0) with a sliver of health remaining (so little that it wasn't visible on the HP bar).  I'm stubborn, so when Chilling Ray missed, I queued it again.  And missed again.  Did I mention that I'm stubborn?  I queued Chilling Ray a third time, and finally dealt damage.


I'm at 141.3% hit chance versus +0 critters with that attack.  The second time I used Chilling Ray, the streak breaker should've kicked in.


Autohit Sleep breaks the streak breaker.  That's no bueno.  Doubly so when taking into consideration that Sleeps were changed to autohit to make them more worthwhile, but instead, they're causing miss streaks.  I just respec this character to add Chilling Ray this morning and I'm kicking myself for wasting the time.


@Captain Powerhouse, @Booper, breaking the streak breaker is a no-no.  Sort it out.  It'd be nice to have real hit roll info, too, since that was lost when Sleeps were changed to autohit.

Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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