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Broad Sword/Shield Feedback Request


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I've got a build for my character Korgis Prime that is pretty durable in my opinion. The build is mainly focused on min/maxing for durability because I want to be one of the last people to die. Aside from sacrificing some dps for the sake of durability the only weakness here is a lack of self healing. If I'm grouped up that shouldn't be much of an issue. I built in several healing procs so the build has some passive healing. If all the procs are procing at their predicted rate I'm going to be healing 2074.38 hp/min including regen which should be sufficient. 


With two stacks of phalanx here are my stats to peak your interest


Melee 52%

Ranged 48.2%

AOE 49.2%



S&L 70.6%

Energy 51.2%

Fire/cold 46.7%

Toxic 43.7%

Psionic 31%

Korgis Prime.mbd

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You don't need to 3-slot Hasten so you can toss that extra slot to somewhere to get some more Regen or Res. 

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If being the last man standing is your true goal play a tank. Shield tanks are much easier to build towards certain thresholds such as softcap defense which means you can dedicate more resources to shore up resists and +HP. Tanker ATOs are also vastly superior to Brute ATOs. Finally, with the tanker AoE and Damage changes they are not too far behind brutes in terms of damage output in normal scenarios either. If you lament the lack of a self heal then try Shield/Dark melee tanks. That's a lot closer to what you want based on what you've written.


Most shield builds don't rely on Agility or having teammates and leaning into phalanx fighting to get to softcap. In terms of regular game play achieving positional softcap should be priority number 1 for shield builds.


If you exemp regularly, power pick progression matters. Optimized IO builds should have their survival fairly matured by level 40 and it's not uncommon to see some builds getting close to softcap by level 30. That means you don't want to wait until level 49 to get that last 2.5% defense from combat jumping, If you plan to exemp, take it way earlier. Same rationale goes for the panacea proc, that goes in health which you get at level 2, not physical perfection which you get at level 47.


Laser beam eyes has a recharge of 6 seconds. procs will rarely fire in it. Don't waste the heal proc in it if you have extra slots. In short proc chances are affected by recharge time, the shorter the recharge the less the chance. Proc chances are also lower for AoE powers but the proc will check against each target (but fires only once). Typically powers with a recharge of 12 seconds or more are better candidates for procs, and those powers typically are not enhanced for recharge either, because enhancing them for recharge would negatively impact proc chance.




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  • In True Grit I typically 3-slot a resist set and 3-slot a healing set. The hit point buff is worth enhancing.
  • Slot Active Defense with recharge, not end reduction. You want to double stack the DDR.
  • Not sure if you intend to run Weave or just use it as a mule. If you plan to run it, it needs end reduction. 
  • Enhancements in Phalanx Fighting only affect the ally buff, not the self buff. I assume you're just going for the set bonuses, but you could swap your slotting of Weave and Phalanx.
  • Why are you skipping One with the Shield? It's one of the better T9s and the crash is pretty mild.
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