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The Devs Need YOU...to help them stamp out bugs!


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This is important, the devs would like help in exploring bugs in the editor, and they can't do it without logs to tell them what happened. This post relates to Cel Shading and editor crashes, but ideally, the devs would like us all to enable the diagnostic mode so they can help figure out why some of the things that we deal with, happen. And we all want that, right? So they can fix it? So please do this:

To enable Diagnostics:

First step, open launcher settings from either red outlined area.
Second, unhide HC Diagnotstic by unchecking hide box > close settings.
You might have to update or install Diagnostics > launch game from (Diag)


This is for using Diagnostic Client to help find why cel shading crashes game periodically:

Ingame > open options > click graphics tab > set advanced graphics settings to Enabled
Scroll down to Experimental Graphic settings and set to enabled . click yes to warning (if you want the next step)
Set cel shader to enabled >
Click apply, wait for game to settle and then enter base as usual to start base building.


Back to general instructions applicable to all instances of a crash:
If game crashes, and gives crash dump window, up load the 2nd option for memory dump (NOT Full dump)


********* Important edit********

 The following advice was meant to be a caution on turning on cel shading JUST to do a data dump. Cel shading is a known cause of crashes, and if you are not already having problems with it, I don't recommend turning it on for the first time on a large base, just to do the diagnostic. The diagnostic WILL NOT cause you problems, but can  diagnose problems you might be having otherwise. So please turn it on to help if you have had cel shading on! And turn it on to help find other bugs. Thanks!!


(From Dacy: I do recommend NOT trying this on a big base you value. I just don't trust things that make the editor crash to not mess with something. I have no idea if that caution is warranted or not, it might be a non issue, but I tend to be a bit paranoid around what might happen, and I'd hate to see a nice base messed up. However, if you do want to help out with a big base, which might yield great information for the cause, please do a demorecord first, so that if your base is messed up, there's a chance it could be restored. See Wiki for how to do a demorecord.)



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