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Cannot Install Windows 11

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I've downloaded the launcher and tried running it, I get the error window "An error occurred copying the launcher program files.  This may indicate the interference of an anti-virus or other security software that does not recognize the launcher as a trusted executable."


Now the launcher runs okay, but it won't install the majority of the files so I cannot run the game.  I have created exceptions in the launcher for both firewall and antivirus.  I have disabled firewall and antivirus.  It just will not work.  I am installing to C directory under Games and Homecoming as is the standard way.


Anyone have any ideas?  Is this a known Windows 11 issue?  I'm definitely NOT in S mode.

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Well, it's not Win11 specific (in general,) as I've got it installed on multiple Win11 systems - both fresh and upgraded from 10.


I know they have the safe-this-and-that... been a while since I told those to beat feet, though.


Since you're sure you're not in S mode, go to Windows Settings > Apps > Advanced App Settings > Choose Where to get apps > Anywhere. (Make sure it's set to anywhere.)  That *might* be it.



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I appreciate everyone's help.  If I completely erase everything I can get it to do a partial install.  It installs the main folder and some subfolders, but no launcher in the main folder or shortcuts (despite having those selected as requested)


It's like the install gets part way and then just force-quits itself.  I am obviously completely perplexed.

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Okay, it was very different then what the guide suggested, but I think I'm okay now.  The launcher was sequestered away in a weird folder, but it seems to be letting me download the stuff now, so I guess ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.


Thanks for your suggestions everyone.  Looking forward to the trip down memory lane.

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