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If you want to just not worry about your secondary and just position yourself and attack then Willpower, definitely. Now if you really want to spend a large portion of game play not attacking and clicking on heals and hoping they'll take effect before you die, then take Regen.


In my personal opinion Willpower is superior to Regen on Sentinels just as it is on Scrappers.

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I have tried both, I'm a fan of the Sentinel regen.    WP is a bit better at mitigating damage, but you recover quickly with regen, so it may depend on your play style.  Might also depend on your primary.

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thanks so much 🙂

I asked because as I poke around mids if I takes all the powers on either set (without enhancements)

the willpower seems to have more base regen than regen (gasp)

which oddly made no sense to me

so here I am grasping at shadows

Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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