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Arsenal / dark / psi controller, feedback request (possible AV hunter, not sure)


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Attached is a build intended to be both team-friendly and to be helpful for solo AV hunting. Never really tried to make an AV hunter before. So, the kinds of benchmarks to hit aren't that clear to me. For all I know the single target damage is way under what it needs to be to be successful and I'd need to either reconsider the build or drop AV hunting from the list of things that build would be intended to do. Will probably consider the control hybrid that immobilizes mobs for hunting at least some AVs, if AV hunting goes on this character's "to do" list. 

The lone +resist IO in tri-gun should cap its resistances at 90% if City of Data resistance totals for tri-gun are accurate. Spirit ward on the tri-gun and healing should make it very, very tough, especially when it is also boosted by barrier.

AOE is not a strength for this build. For soloing will probably aim for +4 and limit the number of mobs to about 5 or 6 per spawn, to better match the upper taunt limit for tri-gun. Single target damage is not high enough to keep AV fights relatively short without a lot of -regen. So, will probably get Longbow core lore pets to get more -regen for a longer period of time than howling twilight can provide. 

Feedback highly welcomed, especially from those who often solo AVs. 

PS: This is a candidate final build for Nightshell, who is currently soloing her way through the resistance side of Praetorian story arcs. 



Nightshell - Controller (Arsenal Control - Darkness Affinity - Psionic Mastery).mbd

Screenshot (61).png

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At least for AV hunting you'll probably want:

-More of a st attack chain. I'd add in a proc'd out tranq

-Consider making twilight grasp part of your regular rotation (for AVs), the damage debuff and -regen self stack and can help neuter them. Consider the damage procs for it, if you go that route.

-More recharge in Howling

-Switch cryo to all procs (or as many procs as you can support)

-You prob won't need a 6 slotted spirit ward given the healing and -damage that /dark can do. Nice bonuses for that set though if that is what you were after.


In general:

You need approx 160 dps (as measured against an even con) to break even against the regen of a lvl 54 AV. Your -regen is of course super helpful, but keep in mind it is hit by purple patch and resisted ~87% on top of that. For example, your howling would shave off about 43hp/sec of regen against said lvl 54 AV leaving them with ~60 hp/sec.


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A lot of the AOE damage is in proccing out Flash bang and Howling Twilight (though you can get the downtime on HT -Regen down to closer to 15 seconds instead of 30-35 for fighting AVs, vs having it optimized as a mini-nuke). They can both take a TON of dmg procs. It's a STUNNING (pun intended) 1-2 AOE attack. 😛

IME a 6 slotted Spirit ward is overkill for Tricannon, especially when you have Twilight Grasp and Dark Servant. With the +10 Res from the Exped reinforcement it's VERY tough.  


Completely second what Frosticus said about procs in Cryo and consider Tranq as well, both good ST attacks that benefit a lot from the dmg of procs not being tied to the AT damage multiple. 

It's a really fun combo! 

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