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European Roleplayers

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14 hours ago, The GrunTuk Empire said:

(( Speaking as an EU player, only play on Everlasting. You will have players around the clock online. Just quieter during our mornings and afternoons ))

I see your point. Thanks. It was important for me to know as a new player.

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I'm an American who plays frequently at what would be peak times for Europeans.  I tried Reunion for a while (even have 1 lvl 50 and a pretty cool base built there).  The player base was warm and friendly, but I found that the number of players (particularly RP'ers) are actually greater on Everlasting, and so I've pretty much moved back there, as this is where the bulk of my characters and/or bases are (though I do still pop onto Reunion every great once in a while, just to wonder around my spiffy base and take my lvl 50 Sent for a spin).

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