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Lore Support Pet Information?

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Most of this info is on Paragonwiki.com: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lore_Slot_Abilities


Clicking the individual tier's names will take you to a page describing the abilities of the various pets.


It's unfortunately not up to date with the four groups that were added in Issue 24, though.

Buff Trick Arrows! | Buff Poison! | Powerset Suggestions: Circus Performers Telepathy | Old Powerset Suggestions:  Probability Distortion | Magnetism | Hyper-Intellect

Some day, the prophecy will be fulfilled; Trick Arrows will be buffed and I will finally be allowed to diehttps://twitter.com/trickshootah


The Strange Relationship between Damage Buffs and Damage Resistance OR "Why doesn't Power Boost work on Cold Shields!?"

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