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  1. Anyone have any links to Earth/Earth builds? I'm looking for ideas. 🙂
  2. Anyone know if this addition also applies to the 'Phantoms' Lore power? Since they use the same 'Phantom Army' graphics?
  3. Anyone know if this addition also applies to the 'Phantoms' Lore power? Since they do use the same 'Phantom Army' graphics?
  4. Just checking in to see if there's any new information on this, since the new week is scheduled to start tomorrow. 🙂
  5. It looks like this is the last week that has the weekly strike targets listed on the calendar. Does anyone know what the targets are for future weeks? Or are they actually listed somewhere else?
  6. Unfortunately, the amount of code that this would likely entail would most likely be prohibitive. Tailoring your attack will actually become a bit easier once all the other Origin Power Pools, like Sorcery and Force of Will, are implemented. You'll be able pick attacks through the pools that match your concept better.
  7. I do have to agree that I think doing it for the entire month of October may have been a bit much. That said, I'm looking forward to hearing about what's coming next for the game and Page 4.
  8. Something occurred to me, naturally when I'm nowhere near home. If you slot the Overwhelming Force IO that gives a chance for KD into one of your pets, do the attacks of all of your pets of that type suddenly get a chance to KD their targets?
  9. Not sure if anyone has suggested this, but is it possible to make copies of the Freedom Phalanx's costumes for it, or use their models? Since those would be the costumes most likely to be seen at comic cons in Paragon City.
  10. I might be missing something, but doesn't the LFG system require everyone in the league to be in the same zone before kicking it off? If all zones are going to have the 50 player limit, this may actually be kind of difficult to put together.....
  11. Wind Control and the other Origin Power Pools are probably the things that I'm most eagerly waiting/hoping for.
  12. Does anyone have any kind of link to someplace that actually says what the various powers/abilities of the support Lore pets are?
  13. Is there anywhere that has a list of what the various Support lore pets actually do?
  14. Nice! I remember you both, from the Fist of Justice and Phoenix Force respectively. It's great to see more of some old faces that I recognize. I'm mainly playing on Torchbearer these days, since that's where most of my RL friends who play have ended up. Feel free to say hi.
  15. Glad to hear it. I spent way to much time with your old one back in the day. :)
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