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Buffing assault rifle


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After the recent buff to archery (Rain of arrows activation time reduced to 2 seconds) I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for buffing assault rifle?  If it's possible I would love to see the target cap on it's cone powers increased to 16 targets.  Maybe reduce the activation time for flamethrower, full auto.  I'd also love to see the fear affect removed from ignite so it could be a reliable damage dealer.  Assault rifle has always been one of my favorite powersets but it feels pretty lackluster when compared to archery so I'd love to hear some other ideas for improving it.

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To be honest with the fast snipe changes I feel like Assault Rifle is in a good place. It's always been pretty solid in terms of AoE damage and with fast snipe you can use Sniper Rifle to get a decent single target attack chain (instead of having to use buckshot to fill in).


That being said I would like to see the target cap raised to 16 for Full Auto and maybe flamethrower. The target area of Full Auto is similar that of a 20ft radius AoE power anyway so I don't think that giving it a target cap of 16 is unreasonable, especially since it's a tier 9 power. Giving Flamethrower a larger target cap is harder to justify since it's still a moderate size cone. I'd like to see it but I feel that would jut be making it a special case rather than a truly needed change.


Other than that, changing Ignite would be nice but IMHO it would need a major redesign to be worth using. Even without the fear effect the 4 second cast time just makes it a pain int he ass to use. Sure you can immobilize and enemy and use ignite on them but there's easier options for arresting enemies.

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It's not a bad set by any means but neither was archery and it got a nice buff recently.  I think they are pretty similar so I'd at least like to see full auto adjusted to be on par with rain of arrows.  Either give it more damage or a lower cast time and buff it's target cap to 16 since it's supposed to be the pseudo-nuke power for assault rifle

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