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So much fun! Water/Rad


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Last night I joined a pick up team doing the Medi-port story arc in Talos.


I had just soloed that arc, so I knew the mobs well. Rogue PPD with leadership toggles and lots of AOE bosses.


Our team was tenacious, but with little healing and only res buffs from the MM, it was going to be interesting.


We did have two tanks, but with so many mobs there was no way they could keep 100% control.


I had just got my cone attack, so at this point I had three AOEs, Water Burst, Whirlpool, and Steam Spray with three single target.


The mission was a warehouse with the long hall ending in the largest room in that building type. The hall and room with filled with mobs, impossible to not aggro several groups.


For the next 10 mins, I went into AOE mode, handed them out like candy, taking constant return fire. Between my heal/absorb barrier+end heal I only had to pop 2-3 greens and blues.


At one point 6 of the 8 party members were down, but I was still going strong. We recovered and completed the mission.


This was by far and away the funnest time I have had since I started playing COX again. And it was all because the Sentinel AT rocks.


FYI water is an extremely satisfying set to play. Lots of AOE, decent ST, and good soft control via knockdowns.

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I have a Water/Rad too around lvl 22.  I was wondering what your rotation looks like, specifically for like mission leveling there are packs of 3-4 mobs usually and harder single targets.  What rotation do you use for AOE and for ST.  I only ask because all the builders and semi-builders in this set.

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I am planning on posting a level-build guide later. There isn't a lot of information available on Water Blast in general.


So, I am still tinkering.



Tidal forces if available

Water burst


Aqua burst/Hydro Burst/Water jet burst until +3 tidal power

Water burst if clustered - Water jet if they are spread out


Post-32 Work in progress. I respec'ed and dropped Hydro Burst

Tidal forces

Geyser or Water burst

Whirlpool if there are plenty left to keep them on the ground

Steam spray - this is a good cone attack use it often

Then I play it by ear single target or AOE depending on what's left. Usually, there are only lts and bosses left if you are in a group.


I am still getting a feel for the Steam Spray cone, so I might fire that after the boosted Geyser or Water burst. Also, I Ground zero in a level, so it might change again.


Early on Water burst is your best friend.

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