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Blood Widow costume pieces


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Is this a bug?


I created a Arachnos Blood widow character, and when I went to make a new costume, it could not find the costume pieces. I currently have a Blood Widow costume on my first slot, and wanted to make a second one with a helmet.


Is this a bug? or am I not looking in the right place in the costume creator?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you


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Not a bug, Arachnos Soldiers only get one costume slot for their uniform.

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its technically a npc only armour set, its not formatted to work in conjunction with other player armor peices which would lead to significant issues with clipping and other problems depending on how troll a player wanted to be. Instead of reworking the sets to be functional as player armour instead what they did was give a "npc" slot to SOA which was kind of a lazy hack but you know, resource allocation and all that.

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