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Bane/Crab Backpack Costume Piece CANNOT be removed no matter what!! (major)

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So, I wanted to make a second build on my Bane Spider and do the Crab option. Once this was done I was stuck with the Crab Backpack permanently. Even after changing back to my Bane build...it has the annoying crab legs. In the tailor I spent 200k several times trying to remove it. It shows it removed in screen, but when I finalize it the backpack is back on and I have to spend $$ all over again. In the options backpack...there is NOT a none option. This is really annoying as I honestly HATE the legs bc they take up so much view space.


Please fix this... I feel like I remember this issue on live when doing multi-class builds and the work-around was to make 2 characters....


If anyone knows some trick to get RID of this backpack let me know. I consider this a major bug because once the crab powers are taken...every costume you have created will now be stuck with the crab legs whether the build uses crab abilities or not!! It is a costume killer!!


Here is a video I shot of the issue in action...


I would upload a couple of pics but the total 192kb file size makes me have to resize the pics so small that you can't see the options....

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As advertised, the ONLY way to prevent the Crab Backpack from appearing FOREVER on your character is to NEVER EVER take ANY of the Crab powers at ANY point during your character's history ... not even on an Alternate Build.  If you EVER complete a respec with even 1 Crab power ... primary or secondary ... that character will be FOREVER marked with wearing the Crab Backpack and you cannot remove it.


So in order to get rid of the Crab Backpack, you will have to reroll and NOT take ANY Crab powers ... primary or secondary ... on ANY build of the (rerolled) character.


This is not a bug, but it is a limitation of the branching of Soldiers of Arachnos and how the game engine handles them.  Working As Designed.

Granted, it may not be what you WANTED ... but it is functioning according to the specs for the game laid down by Cryptic and then Paragon Studios.  If you don't like it, take it up with War Witch and/or Positron, since they were the developers responsible for this state of affairs at the end of Issue 23.


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