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Does War Mace / Shield Defense Work for Brutes?


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Shield's taunt aura is basically doubling up on Fury and while some will say that it's wasted on Brutes due to their low base damage scaling (which does affect shield charge mind you), you probably weren't at the damage cap unless you were running with a Kinetics support team mate anyway. Shield is a really good hybrid protective set with an emphasis on Positional Defense while still offering respectable resistance. You can't really go wrong with it. Work to cap your positional defense and bulk up your resistances and max HP and you'll be golden against nearly anything; and with Fury and Against all Odds bulking up your damage you can basically consider +damage a dump stat.

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"How's that possible? They don't have any inherent stealth and you'd never take concealment pool powers on them!"


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It took me 32 levels to realize that my Savage Melee / Radiation Brute really wanted to be a War Mace / Shield brute. *sigh*


Oh well... that's why they call it alt-itis.

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