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  1. OK. I've been playing this build for a couple of days now Electric/Poison Controller. Here's my latest experiment in -END/-REC. It doesn't help where you need most of the help (the alpha strike). However, I will say that after a few seconds into the battle I do see an effect particularly in a place in the game I didn't expect. The high end. When people are running +4/x8 unless they are all floating Incarnate level damage it does take a minute to melt mobs and END is quicker to floor than health to zero. Folks might dip in health, but with the LTs and Bosses low-to-no END folks can concentrate on clean up. It feels a bit like how Empathy, Regen, and other "reactive" defenses work but it does work. I was hoping that Poison's Weaken (which I have maxed out for -TOHIT) would fill the gap, but it doesn't have the range to affect enough of the mobs (unlike Dark and Rad similar powers) and still takes a moment to have an effect, so I just can't provide that sort of mitigation. That's OK... there are other people on the team that can help with that. The real question is, is it more mitigation than say taking Fire instead of Electric would have been (mitigation by faster mob melting)? My argument is yes. The truth is, as awesome as a Fire controller can be they still do less damage than other ATs (say a Fire blaster). And the difference between a Fire and Electric controller is less than a Fire and Electric blaster. I'm simply not there for damage. Gremlins will help though, I'm sure. Most of the damage difference would probably be the difference between Gremlins and Fire Imps. Yes, I could have gone /Kin, but I think when I get Poison Trap at 38 I won't be sorry at all.
  2. Procs are so confusing and the implementation is so strange. I mean, I can't see how Impeded Swiftness Chance for Smashing damage could possibly be better than just slotting a DMG IO in there. There's a lot of that sort of thing with slotting sets. Apart from the "overall effect" of getting all the sets to carefully line up so a character is at the DEF softcap, or to satisfy some RCHG hungry-crazy folks trying to get to 350+ global ... all of it seems not much of an improvement over straight slots. I'm sitting here thinking "can I improve over common IOs for anything I'm doing" and the answer is, not really. Getting Shield Breaker and Cloud Senses chance for damage into Envenom and Weaken is novel (hey they do damage now) but such minimal damage as to be unnoticable. It looks like procs (apart from some specific ... devs screwed up and missed this crazy idea) are primarily for people with some extra slots for powers otherwise already maxed out in utility.
  3. So a Tank with Electric Melee could slot EM Chance to Disorient, Triumphant Insult Chance to Disorient, and Pounding Slugfest Chance to Disorient but I'm out of luck?
  4. So, I built a Electric/Poison Controller and I'm having a bit of fun. But the truth is, I just can't quite slam the -END and -REC quickly enough across enough of the mobs to be terribly useful doing it. I mean, if someone else had the same effect (even unslotted) then together we could sap whole mob groups. But I got to thinking about EM:CtS... I mean, it isn't unique. Why can't I put 3 or even 5 of these in every one of my Electric attacks? Each one would fire off about every 30 seconds which would mean across 4 or 5 powers and 3-5 procs per power I could be a stun spamming nightmare. Tell me why this doesn't work a lot better than trying to sap the poor bastages.
  5. I think the strange thing about any increase in interest in the player base for making real money in the AH is really just raising more folks into the range where they can afford the good stuff. Converters aren't ever going away due to merit farming and with all the AE tickets flowing the rare salvage being cheap means a lot of folks will probably craft those themselves keeping prices up. I see the medium term (weeks to months) price as pretty stable. We could have a rough time on a weekend if a few billionaires wanted to drop their bankrolls on friends and sundry, but I wonder if that would have a bigger effect on grapesets and Winter IOs more than on the upper end of the Rare market. Once that INF is back in the market it is going to wash all over the place though, which incentivizes more extractors. As long as there are plenty of Converters flowing from the Merit vendors (and the profit for dumping them on the market is fast-reliable money that's immediately spent on the market) the whole playerbase benefits from the ability (as a group) to move relatively unwanted IOs into more desirable sets. COMMODIFICATION => LIQUIDITY! Now that I've got the hang of making a little bit of cash, I'd certainly hate to see the spigot turn off entirely, but I suspect that no matter what the monetary rewards a good portion of the player base will be happy to pay us to make AH work well for them. It isn't a bad trade for them after all. It would be nice to get causal folks out of Single Origins and into the market though. They really are missing out, even with Common IOs and lesser sets. Heck, even "collecting" the sets is fun IMNHO.
  6. Look - I don't intend to come off as harsh - but why wouldn't you simply stash the IOs in your very own sg base for your alts to come in and access them when needed. I do understand that some folks just don't bother with an sg base..but it's such a time saver over the long run. Or maybe you belong in one sg and your alt doesn't. Suggest you form your own, and make a coalition with your current one. This way, you have a big hassle removed from your game time. Just my .02 inf. Here's the thing, I completely get this! I assume a lot of people manage it this way. In fact, I assume that's how they deal with even the fiddling around with salvage which they probably bought in bulk for crafting stations in the base. The problem is, I'm actually shopping around for good SGs. I have several alts in different ones. I also have my characters on two different servers (my wife and kids play on Excelsior though they don't play much, and a bunch of people I've connected with online including some people I knew from live a long time ago are on Everlasting). But this is very much on my mind. So my plan is to set a main on Excelsior up with all the goodies, form an SG there and build a base (this is something I want to learn anyway, never did it live). Then add all the lowbies and such to it and make it easy to mess around there with crafting, etc. Then I'm thinking I'll do the same on Everlasting though as soon as my toons get setup with IOs and such, I'll think about shopping them around to SGs... at least I need to keep doing this until I find an SG home on Everlasting.
  7. OK. So I changed my approach and took a new look at how the market functions, especially with respect to converters. And I accepted the need to gamble, hard. If you are willing to set fire to INF, it will turn into something eventually. I think one of my chief problems in the past was not having enough money to spend to make the money, at least this way. As soon as I was willing to spend a lot of money (say around 25 million which scared the crap out of me, but I did it)... and focus in on exactly what I thought I could accomplish, I was able to almost double that over the course of an hour or so. The second hour I got lucky with a couple of sales and did more than double my investment. There are some limitations to what I'm doing. The supplies of the right recipes are a little lean and as soon as you grab up the few "at cost" (around what people are selling them for) you run quickly into people that want double or even triple the going rate for stuff and the profits drop like a stone. The other problem is, salvage. It just takes so friggin long to pull out what salvage I need in what numbers and fill up without overfilling my limited capacity. So what I'm doing won't ever scale beyond turning 25-30 into 45-50 in an hour or so, just in terms of how much clicking and sorting and stuff I have to do. 20+ million an hour is no joke. This is better than I've ever seen before. (usually I'm turning 5-6 million into 8-9 million) but that's still 50 hours of markettering to get to 1B INF... that's a lot of time doing some mind numbing sorting of salvage. But it still isn't the 100 million folks talk about casually making in an hour of markettering each day. So I'm a step closer, but the big time is still out of my league. I'm OK with that for now. The money I made is a welcomed relief. It certainly makes Farming (AE or otherwise) rather pointless, which is great because I sucked even worse at that!
  8. I've always assumed that the Bubbles stack. Bots + Bubbles is slow going sometimes but feels nigh unkillable outside overwhelming threats.
  9. Yes, Sentinels should get shields. I was actually wanting to make one and really disappointed that it wasn't available. But Blasters? That's what Sentinels are for.
  10. I'm really happy for folks making END drain work for them. I've always wanted to make that happen. I've made several variations over the years and never once have I been able to SOLO kill END on anything other than one target. AoE -END as damage mitigation has always required someone else to help. The big problem isn't just the challenge of zero END, but just how little END the mobs need for their attacks. They attack so slowly and their attacks take so little END that they appear to have zero END but are still able to attack. The mechanics of how they are built make END not really an issue for them. In PvP it can be quite ugly (again that's largely one-on-one). Now, the -RECOVERY is great but can't be slotted so you have to figure out where that is and how to make sure it is there when you need it. Don't expect a mobs toggles to ever drop. Doesn't work that way, they don't have them. And don't expect it to help vs AVs. Though I seem to remember dropping Babbage out of END one time with my El/El blaster and help from a Kin Defender. That was a long time ago so I don't know of GMs are still built the same way.
  11. Noted with thanks! I'm here for the long haul (fingers crossed that the servers will be). All the toons I play regularly will end up with at least what I've invested in my main even if it takes months and months to pull in that off. It isn't like I have no money at all and as I said, you can get plenty of money to play this game maxed out with Common IOs, no problem. That isn't so bad as it sounds. I'll give it another go. I just checked all my toons for recipes and merits, collected them up on my main to see what I might pull off. I'll take that as seed money (once I use the merits for converters and work on the raw drops for something better) for an actual market purchase which will be a little more targeted to what I think I should be working with.
  12. I've got one toon, my main lvl 50 with ~120 million invested in him, some expensive one offs but mostly lesser sets that still deliver buffs I'm looking for, with a little frankenslotting. He doesn't have a single offensive set yet, except 6 slotted taunt (I can't remember which one). I spent too much because I was often impatient during market surges were happening and I didn't understand how to convert stuff. If I were clever and patient I could have done it for a lot less (especially wasting a lot on unslotting and attuning them manually and all the stuff I dumped on the market rather than converting it to sets I could actually use). About 20-30 million in common IOs across another 10 alts. This is getting a lot less expensive since my main toon crafts all the 25s and 30s IO for reduce prices... it is a SUCKY PAIN IN THE @$% to mail them all to myself, but whatever. I've probably blown another 10 million on SOs for characters I was experimenting with and then largely abandoned. And last I checked I had about 60 million in cash and about 500 merits floating around. So, forgetting the merits, I've seen about 200 million in my hands and frankly I feel poor. I mean, my wife thinks it is awesome that I can drop whatever cash on a new alt at 22 and 27 to basically suit them up for the rest of the game if I still want to play them. And it is nice to occasionally send my son a "set" of something fun in the mail for a gift. But whenever I see something I want for 2-5 million per IO in a set I want at least 4 of 6 in... man... I get penny pinching fast. I'm really protective of that 60 million I'm sitting on right now. I don't feel like I can spend it even though I have it. Too close to real life! (Sure I'd love to take one of my mid range blaster-alts and put Entropic Chaos on five attacks. Right now that would wipe half my fund assuming there were enough on the market to not spike the price.) Something in-between... Thankly, I wish there was another tier of wealth in this game that was obtainable without market shenanigans. I've tried several of the techniques folks have posted about on the boards, but my profit margins always turn out way below theirs and I've even had some sessions where I flat out lost money. I remember burning through so many converters one session I went briefly broke and ended up having to sell the lesser crap that fate had handed to me just to have operating funds. The thing that has made me the most money? Saved me from poverty when the market thrust it upon me? Burning through as many MSRs as the server would support for a few days. I think I was on three or four per day for several days in a row once. All with the XP turned off (because I NEVER see the Vmerits other people claim to get during MSRs.. I'm always around 800 and other folks always talk about 1400 or so) I could make just over 10 million in cash for each run. It would be nice to "shop" in the market rather than "beg bid" in a hope to get lucky. It would be nice to sell stuff for what I see stuff selling for rather than always 60-70% of that (even after letting the stuff sit over a weekend on the market). The good news... The good news is anyone with a 35+ level toon can do all sorts of content that gets INF flowing while still enjoying playing the game. It isn't hard to spend one night a week burning through some of the shorter TFs or some Ouroborus options at grabbing a few merits to supplement that. Anyone who plays the game regularly can outfit their toons with common IOs of their choice on as many toons as they'd like and maybe pick up a cool set or two along the way if they are patent just because they like it. But then there is a huge gap between covering all your playing costs and tricking out a toon even with uncommon mid-range sets, not even talking about rares and purples. Someone will say that at the very least I can turn that 60 million into 300 million in just a few days probably buying up crap IO recipes and converting them and selling them. But I've tried and never see the sorts of returns others have seen. As i've said, I've even had a few sessions of losing money doing that. I suppose this is a rant... I don't mean it to be. But I feel like I've missed out on something. I feel like a strong-regular-dedicated player. When I look at my post count on the boards I'm not in the PK range, but I'm here. I feel like I'm on as much as the folks in some of the supergroups I've tried out, but the mid-to-big money continues to elude me. I do wonder what all the 2 billion plus hordes of stuff stashed in base storage type folks are going to do with themselves next month. If there are people out there already spreading a 10 billion INF fortune across several toons to avoid the cap... that's mind-blowing.
  13. My weekend is crazy, but I'm hoping to get in touch with you anyway and join you in this awesomeness. Let's get something started.
  14. I feel like I'm arguing, but I promise I'm just explaining my own confusion about this. The problem is that I was confused, not that I think you're wrong or anything. I just want to make that clear. My point is that procs could have recharge times just like powers. That is, 3PPM could just be, "if the proc hasn't fired in the last 20 seconds and the power hits, execute proc" that would be what "PPM" really means. That's what it sounds like it means. That way a player would always get fair value from the proc and be able to expect behavior. Perhaps the devs like the randomness of the proc as a feature, not a bug. It sucks to think that a -tohitdebuff I am counting on when I hit that AV the first time, just might not trigger even though I haven't used the power in several minutes before the fight. You see that's how my brain works. Chance is great for surprise, but ruins tactical thinking. If you use Broadsword, you start a fight in a big group of mobs with perry and not disembowel, so you can take advantage of the +DEF for the alpha and you "benefit" contextually. If I have [Devastation: Chance for Hold] on a power I will have no idea if I get a hold or not, even if I haven't used the power in many minutes. Frankly that ambiguity ALONE makes the proc much less valuable to me. You only benefit from them if they are better than something else you could have slotted instead. That's largely what I'm trying to judge here. Are the procs with all the maths something I "benefit" from and if so, in which specific situations are they actually a "benefit". It looks like the answer is yes assuming a player takes the time to match up the proc with the power rather specifically. I was really hoping procs could help my Traps Defender, but given how heavily I'm slotted in recharge enhancements I think it won't work out how I hoped. Of course, we haven't even talked about how procs do or don't affect pseudo pets like my Acid Mortar.
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