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Good PVP Dom


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On 7/21/2019 at 7:56 PM, M3z said:



Mind/psi isn't good, pvp is proc based right now and damage type isn't as important anymore because of base resistances and epic shields granting resistance to all dmg. Here's a couple of builds that are good.


Arena builds:




Zone builds:




Just curious  why is Dark bad for Arena is it banned?

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Dark hold has a much longer duration than any other holds in the game right now, and given the auto mez system of the game, where you get held no matter what as long as you don't miss it makes it too easy to spike targets.


I'll let off some more viable arena/zone builds though, I was in a rush when I wrote that other list.


Viable primaries

Pets and different mezzes dont really matter all that much given the mez mechanics not really allowing you to lock anyone or anything down long enough for pets to get in and do damage. What your single target hold does is most important as it is your greatest tool.

Earth (fossilize damage is huge)

Fire (char has quick animation)

Gravity (has access to slows that can -jump people significantly)

Mind (dominate has quick animation)
Plant (Strangler does lots of damage)


Viable secondaries

Current meta is all about damage, if you don't do enough damage you will not survive (unfortunately)

Earth (good damage values, no build up though and mostly melee)

Energy (good damage values, has access to good range attack chain in power burst and snipe)

Fire (great fast ranged attack chain in blaze and blazing bolt, fiery embrace also makes this probably the highest range damage secondary)

Rad (build up+devastating blow is probably the hardest hitting combo in any dom set, decent ranged attack chain)

Thorns (Great base damage on all of the attacks, has some dmg proc opportunities with KB and -def in attacks, aim is okay but not great. Animations are very long which can leave you vulnerable)





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