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    For zones sonic can work, sonic isn't the best mainly because its -res DRs and it can't be slotted with that many procs. That said you can still do decent damage as long as you don't mind rooting for long animations. The best sets for zones are dark, ice, psi, beam. For arena best sets are psi, beam, ice.
  2. Set mule just means taking a power just to stack set bonuses on it, not because you actually want to use that power in your attack chain. Swap the slotting between tk blow and greater psi blade. GSB is your heavy hitting move, not TK blow so you dont want to 2 acc/dam 4 proc tk blow. GSP is going to do 800-1k dmg, almost as much as AS. Put the unbreakable guard/steadfast in resilence, you want IOs like that in passives. Also 3 slot reconstruction with preventative medicine. (heal/rech heal/end/rech heal) Tactics slot it 2x adjusted targeting 1x rectified reticle +perc stealth 5 slot shield wall +1 lotg +rech 5 slot moment of glory 5 shield wall. hasten does not need to be 3 slotted, if you 2 slot and put 2 rech IOs and +5 them with boosters you should reach ED cap (around 100%) If you want to be annoying you can put Executioner's contract into moonbeam (has 6 second stun in PvP which is huge). Just replace the cloud senses with it.
  3. Rad is good, MA is decent, ice has the fastest follow up with frozen touch so it's not that bad of an option.
  4. Psi melee/energy aura is one of the strongest stalker combinations for pvp right now. Could also try psi/bio as well. Stj ea and bio are almost just as good as well.
  5. Build looks pretty good. Resilience is overslotted, that resistance will never really save you, i'd just put a max HP proc in there and use those slots to 5 slot IH, DP and reconstruction which are really your only tools to save yourself (outside of MOG/phase). To answer your questions: 1. So HOs +3 are almost the same value as a acc/dam +5 (enh boosted). The values are something like 33.6% acc/dam to 33.2% acc/dam or something like that. So to save money it's generally better and more efficient to just get regular acc/dam IOs. 2. In pvp you always want an escape tool whether it be phase or hibernate. It's really the only way to save yourself from a coordinated spike or to get you out of a dangerous situation. It's a required power for any pvp build. If I know someone does not have phase I will always go for them on sight. Also when you are a non defense based secondary on stalker, it's incredibly easy for people to keep you out of hide, sometimes your only option to get away is to phase so you can re enter hide. "fast healing" won't save you really in pvp, it's nice to have but not necessary. 3. Because AOEs suffer from the AOE damage formula, all AOEs do very little damage making mass levitate basically useless. Also mezzing is very weak as well so you won't get any benefits from that either. 4. Soul storm can be used as either a slot mule or a tool to do damage. Because of soul storms cast time, it does a lot of damage and can be 2 acc/dam 4 proc slotted to catch foes who are running from you. Also the hold can stop people from running from you for a second, long enough for you to catch up and do a greater psi blade. 5. alpha - musculature (the 45% dmg one). interface (75% chance to -hp one), destiny - barrier, hybrid - assault chance for double hit. Lore/judgement i dont really take but for lore you can get the carnie pet that gives you fort and for judgement you can go pyro. 6.You just need one +stealth IO it can be celerity or unbounded leap, they don't stack. What stacks is hide+stealth+stealth IO. 7. Stealth is just a set mule as is hide. You can slot them however you want depending on your build goals. 8. There are two types of playstyles for stalker that I think are effective. First one is to go for assassin strikes. Best time to do this is when an enemy is attacking and rooting from their animation, just put them on follow, stop yourself from moving and mash AS button. Follow up should be moon beam (which crits because your AS will put you back into hide), or greater psi blade (this will do the most damage because you will have insight) or soul storm if you need to stop them from moving. The other way to play stalker is to first go for greater psi blade crit(slot it with chance for hide), once you are back in hide just moonbeam and this should kill most 1606 hp classes. Ideally you'll be on a team that will assist you by distracting enemies allowing you to AS or holding/CC'ing enemies for you to step up the AS. 9. You get elusivity from defensive toggles, you can't build for elusivity. 10. Defense gets much better set bonuses for stalkers than regen or resist based sets. I made bs/ea for fun, if I were making a serious build I'd go psy/bio. The best two stalker builds in the game is psy/energy and aura psy/bio. On psy/bio you can get perma 70%+ dmg, basically a perma build up just off set bonuses. Psy/energy aura also allows for better slotting and higher base damage, but you won't get as much dmg as a /bio, you are more survivable though due to t9->burnout->t9 though. Defense also is much better for letting you go back into hide.
  6. Hi Jenny, Some things to understand when build a stalker for pvp. You need stealth cap via hide+stealth+stealth IO (celerity +stealth etc.). You can slot the stealth IO into sprint. This means only people with CM from emps or VEATs will be able to see you. Your goal on stalker builds is to build for damage, recharge, hp and acc. Also your heavy hitting attacks should be slotted with damage procs. I'm going to post a build created by @Void a stalker who plays in competitive arena 8v8s. Super speed and super jump are required. You will not catch people otherwise especially on a melee especially with only combat jumping. You also want to slot the ATOs because they are a stalker's best IO set and when catalyzed provide some of the largest bonuses you can get. Getting burnout allows you to refresh your "get out of jail free cards" like MoG, dull pain, reconstruction etc. Although the build I'm posting is broadsword/ea it should show how to slot a stalker's attacks. For regen heal powers, you want to slot them with panacea for the x2 bonuses you get for pvp. bs ea.mxd
  7. Super speed pool lets you access hasten which is a pretty big recharge boost. Also if you are webnaded and have superspeed you are fine. Also lets your access burnout which is nice on certain builds. Super jump lets you access acrobatics which gives KB protection, crucial if you are a squishy class without a mez protect toggle.
  8. M3z

    Good PVP Dom

    Dark hold has a much longer duration than any other holds in the game right now, and given the auto mez system of the game, where you get held no matter what as long as you don't miss it makes it too easy to spike targets. I'll let off some more viable arena/zone builds though, I was in a rush when I wrote that other list. Viable primaries Pets and different mezzes dont really matter all that much given the mez mechanics not really allowing you to lock anyone or anything down long enough for pets to get in and do damage. What your single target hold does is most important as it is your greatest tool. Earth (fossilize damage is huge) Fire (char has quick animation) Gravity (has access to slows that can -jump people significantly) Mind (dominate has quick animation) Plant (Strangler does lots of damage) Viable secondaries Current meta is all about damage, if you don't do enough damage you will not survive (unfortunately) Earth (good damage values, no build up though and mostly melee) Energy (good damage values, has access to good range attack chain in power burst and snipe) Fire (great fast ranged attack chain in blaze and blazing bolt, fiery embrace also makes this probably the highest range damage secondary) Rad (build up+devastating blow is probably the hardest hitting combo in any dom set, decent ranged attack chain) Thorns (Great base damage on all of the attacks, has some dmg proc opportunities with KB and -def in attacks, aim is okay but not great. Animations are very long which can leave you vulnerable)
  9. For sure I know it effects transfusion (increased healing), siphon speed (increased slow), speed boost (increased speed), inertial reduction (increased jump), and transference (increased -end). What I'm unsure of is if it doubles repels KB and increase increase density's KB protection. PB won't have any effect on any of the damage boosts or buffs like siphon power or fulcrum shift though. That said I really like pairing kin with mace mastery because siphon speed+web nade makes for some nasty lockdown.
  10. Quick question how would I do a bind for grave knights for aggressive go to and bruiser aggressive go to? I tried "/bind w "petcom_graveknights aggressive goto" and it didn't work. Let me know if anyone has any idea. Thanks. Also is there a bind to target one of your pets?
  11. Yes bane spider and night widow are good. They are both about even if I had to say, bane does more burst damage but widow is a bit more survivable because of elude. If you prefer survivability I'd go widow, if you like to set up kills for teammates with surveillance and want to do massive burst, try bane. The key attack between both ATs though is shatter armor, it's a villain epic power in mace mastery, if you want to pvp that is a necessary attack.
  12. M3z

    PvP Bugs

    Appreciate these bugs being addressed :)
  13. In this guide I'll show you how to get all stat enhancing accolades in a few hours. Specifically you'll learn how to get Atlas Medallion, High Pain Threshold, Invader and Portal Jockey. Stat enhance accolades are essential in surviving today's high damage pvp environment. Accolades are essential to staying alive in the high damage pvp environment of the current patch. Check out my video and learn how to get all stat enhancing accolades in a few hours: edit: fixed the audio in the video
  14. M3z

    Design Formulas

    "PvP AreaFactor" This needs to just be removed from the game completely. AOEs were never used for anything other than attacking single targets anyways. High movement in pvp means no one is EVER standing next to each other, meaning the extra utility and potential damage of attacks being AOE is not a factor at all does not merit lowering damage of these attacks at all. This formula made a lot of sets in pvp that rely on AOE attacks at all absolute trash. I'll elaborate more in a future post.
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