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  1. Ah okay, I definitely misunderstood what you were saying my bad. I totally agree that pvp needs to be more i12 style (basically pve value/mechanics oriented). And yeah I also definitely agree that it would not be OP at all, but it would be good and add another viable pvp set for melees (who have virtually none).
  2. I run a competitive arena pvp team, I'm aware of the pvp damage formulas. Reverting the animation would not open a can of worms as you'd say. It's a pretty simple way to make energy melee viable. Most damage comes from procs so the lowered base damage becomes less of a factor(because base damage is not as important). With the fast combo of total focus->energy transfer you'd be doing more damage in a smaller time frame window (compared to current TF->ET combo) giving enemies less time to react and use rebirth/heals etc. This isn't about "fixing pvp" as a whole, it's about giving melees another viable set other than super strength, psi melee, or rad melee. Long story short brutes, tankers, stalkers would all have another viable set for pvp if they reverted the animation. Yes even with the damage formula lowering the damage this set would be very good just having that fast animation follow up to total focus or giving stalkers a fast follow up to assassin strike.
  3. ET really needs to animation reverted. It'd add another viable melee set for pvp (right now you really only have rad melee, super strength or psy melee to choose from). Melee are in a bad enough spot as it is, definitely would help them out to have SOMETHING else viable other than super strength for tankers/brutes and psy melee for stalkers/scrappers. Not to mention it was one of my most favorite sets to play back in the day. Funny thing is even if ET's animation got reverted it still wouldn't be as stupid as psy melee where I can do insight greater psy blade crits for 1500+.
  4. m3z, bizarre, volund team unga bunga demon/nat mm thug/nat mm fire/plant blast pain/beam def grav/sav dom
  5. Jounin have highest base melee attacks (golden dragon fly/soaring dragon) out of any pets in the game(even more than grave knight headsplitter/disembowel). Also they go into hide and can crit as well. Very melee oriented set in general.
  6. You don't skip fortify pack because it allows your pets to crit.
  7. How would dominators having illusion control be even 1/10000000th as broken as a tw/fire or kat/bio scrapper in pve. There are so many busted builds in pve right now, pve is incredibly unbalanced and broken. I don't even think ill/ would be broken, it would just be strong. People need to stop pretending like pve is this finely tuned, carefully balanced gaming experience.
  8. @SmalltalkJava I made a beast/kin for zones a while back (did not work out as well as i'd hoped and actually did better in 8v8 arena than zones). But I did do quite a bit of research looking into how to slot the pets. They proc the best out of any MM pets, even moreso than thugs. You will need alpha intuition to hit ED cap on damage for the pets though. This slotting is also taking in account that you will have 30-40% bonus acc from IO sets. That much +acc is overkill for pve though. Chance for buildup goes off all the time, i dont know what the chance is for it to go off but it seems like 40-60% per attack. Also if you don't have intuition for +dam or extra +acc from set bonuses you can drop the +res IO/+AOE defense IO and put in an acc/dam pet IO and +5 it in there. Level 1: Summon Wolves (A) Soulbound Allegiance - Chance for Build Up (3) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Accuracy/Damage (3) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (5) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Recharge/Pet +AoE Defense Aura (5) Explosive Strike - Chance for Smashing Damage (7) Touch of Lady Grey - Chance for Negative Damage Level 12: Summon Lions (A) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Damage/Endurance (15) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Accuracy/Endurance (15) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Endurance/Pet +Resist +Regen (17) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Damage/Endurance (17) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Damage/Endurance/Recharge (19) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge Level 26: Summon Dire Wolf (A) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance (27) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Accuracy/Damage (27) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Damage (29) Impeded Swiftness - Chance of Damage(Smashing) (29) Expedient Reinforcement - Resist Bonus Aura for Pets (31) Touch of Lady Grey - Chance for Negative Damage
  9. ET animation change really gutted the set. They really need to have ET/TF do full crit and revert ET animation to old animation. Funny thing is this set probably still won't be better than psi melee in pvp even if they did those changes, but atleast you'd have another viable stalker set for pvp.
  10. If that's psychic shockwave from dominators, it should stay that way because that set is ASS.
  11. I agree this game does a bad job of not explaining anything.
  12. Seems I forgot, I will get around to it. Sonic I'd say has a little more utility than force field. You can res shield your pets, they do not suffer from DR effects in PVP, meaning you can stack crazy amounts of resistance on them. This is sort of useful in pvp zones where people like to spam judgement (high damage ranged AOE incarnate power). You also get a cage which can be used to defend yourself from a gank briefly (cage duration is only 4 seconds I think, this value is too low right now). You get a targeted AOE -res which is a nice way to defend yourself from melee attackers, stack that with sonic siphon and you can do around -44% res. Not bad. Sonic repulsion and liquefy unfortunately will have limited utility in pvp due to most people building some form of KB protection in pvp. Overall I'd put it in D tier as viable(barely viable). Although if you want a set similar to this you may as well go thermal. The only reason to go this set for pvp is thematic reasons. To make this set more viable, there'd have to be a mechanics changes to make res shields actually do something in pvp.
  13. Nice changes, thanks! And to all those zoners who rolled dark control. Time to go reroll 😉
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