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  1. Playing against taunt is one of the most miserable things in pvp. You are taken out of the game for 10 mins, no counterplay, no nothing. Breaking LOS rarely does anything(on some maps it's impossible) and even if you do, you still have 2-3 -range debuffs stacked on you. May as well bring back perma caging while we're at it if we're gonna allow taunt lol.
  2. New Ice-EA Dominator 8-25-19.mxd Can probably adapt this into something, only thing i'd change around is i'd get jaunt(requirement for 1606s at this point)
  3. If you're doing strictly zones and you play mostly solo, mind/energy might honestly be your best bet. I have a mind/fire and an ice/energy, mind/fire is good when you're attacking with other mind/fires or in team spike scenarios but solo there's a big gap in your attack chain after blaze->dominate->snipe whereas energy you have non-stop heavy hitters with total focus, powerburst, and snipe(even power blast hits hard). A powerburst with Power Up+energized+hybrid assault double hit can probably hit 600+ I imagine. Power Up'd total focus also stuns forever since most people have close to 0 stun res. If you're going to open up on people, open up with PU->TF and not dominate.
  4. Difficult, also many other things would break that would make the game more insufferable than it is(old mez system would be busted with hold procs, would need to reintroduce unresisted damage/debuffs to ATs again, incarnates would be busted etc etc). But I do think the entire pvp community agrees that pre i13 pvp was waaaaaaaaay better than what it currently is and if effort is ever put forth to try and recreate i12 pvp again it would help bring more people to pvp simply because it's easier to understand than the current system. I just mean if you brought your pve build to pvp in i12, you would do okay in a lot of circumstances(of course straight up pvp builds would probably beat you but atleast there was counterplay and you could fight back). In current patch if you bring something that isn't specced specifically for pvp you actually stand 0 chance because it's just a damage race at this point. edit: not to mention there's completely different mechanics now in pvp and the game doesn't tell you how any of it works so that adds to the confusion.
  5. Probably needs experimentation teleport to help with survivability and cryopistol to animation cancel dev blow.
  6. Although I would love to replace stun with anything (and revert ET animation as well) stun definitely wasn't what caused the nerf (at least on test server or any of the pvp tournaments), it was definitely ET (even though that wasn't overpowered at all, it was just the perception that it was OP but in reality it was one of very few viable melee sets). Also with how mez mechanics work now(post i13), stun wouldn't be OP, it really wouldn't do anything. Which I guess is further argument to replace it with something.
  7. Is there a list of commands anywhere for demos? Always wondered if you could edit them.
  8. Yeah if not being able to +5 everything if I could just hit 1 button the +5 an IO completely one at a time that'd be a million times better than the current system of possible.
  9. high end pve, unless you are just capped def/res MMs are trash in pvp zones, MMs big time trash in arena 1v1, big time trash 8v8s, unless you have speedboost on pets MMs are trash, even with SB though, mediocre AT needs help even though for some reason everyone disagrees lol (not in this thread but more in general)
  10. AGREED, these skill less button mashers make me sad too. There is no skill or thought in this kind of pvp, It's just a bunch of blasters tab targeting to same target! No thought, skill or strategy, even if they'd like you to believe that. People actually play like this and think it's fun? And they play like this since i8? and who are these ladder pvpers who think they know what's best? I think there should be an i13 part 2 to take out the rest of these so called "pvpers" (really they are just trolls!)
  11. Gibson is right, the lack of slows/mezzes kills this games depth and stops so many ATs and sets from being viable in pvp right now. It really just simplifies the game and makes everything boil down to damage. Mezzes and slows REALLY REALLY need to be looked at. I think -jump should be countered by IR and that's it. If they do manage to bring back slows THEN they can think about suppressing -jump or nerfing it. But if you nerf -jump without adding any sort of CC benefits to the classes/ATs that rely on that? You'd only be making pvp worse.
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