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  1. TLDR ver. 0 uptime in regular pvp (zone/arena etc), only viable taunting or fightclub scenarios (1v1 not moving). Jaunt has made the uptime worse, wasn't AS bad when there was animation cancelling (animation cancel the end of jaunt animation to maintain more momentum to stay glued to target) but now that that's removed it's generally you're going to get hit 2-4 times for every hit you get in and since pvp boils down to procs and not base damage (melee have advantage on base damage) you lose trades while trying to chase and maintain melee uptime. Stalkers have the easiest time
  2. Thank you! Yes it's adobe premiere pro. Used that, audition, and a little bit of after effects.
  3. Just some fun trivia about the video: Probably took me around 60-100 hours to make. Had to scrub through 40+ hours of video footage of pvp from the past 12+ months picking out the kills that had some sort of clarity(very hard to find kills like that in the chaos of 8v8s). Also most of the kills in the video are from me so I had to look through the footage and figure out what kills were actually from me. I also had to add in every sound you hear in there manually because all of the footage had team communication over them. The city of heroes sound library I found didn't
  4. With the ban lifted figured I'd finally post this. If you don't like the effects, I couldn't preview them on my trash computer so it wasn't easy to tune/change them.
  5. Should apply speed cap raise to pvp as well, 0 reason not to and the movespeed is the biggest appeal of this game's pvp. Doesn't change anything balance wise.
  6. Is there a reason why the speedcap isn't raised in pvp? Sounds like it would be fun to go faster.
  7. If we are worried about secondaries with aura heals in small teams (less than 6v6), make the heal effect the user at full effectiveness and the pets at half or 33% effectiveness from AOE heals from the user. I think pets should still be healed fully from outside sources since it requires another player to do so. But this should stop healers from just tanking everything while summoning pets non stop. They will still have some heals but should die to consistent pressure, leaving it up to rest of the healer MMs team to peel while the MM recovers. I think small teams pvp is bunk right
  8. If you're in a position where you're summoning while being attacked, generally you're dead anyways. In zones if your respawning it doesn't really matter what the cooldown is on the pets, it can be whatever since you're going to wait at spawn to summon anyways. In large team arena the lower CD means you don't get spawn camp farmed because you just summoned t2/t3 pets. The endurance discount doesn't matter one way or the other, with a proper build(using all of the endurance procs) and with force of nature (+end accolade) for free, you should never run out of end on any character really. Point is
  9. COMMENTS ON PSI MELEE NERF(stalker): First off psi melee is seriously the only viable primary, all of the other primaries (including energy melee) are trash and not worth playing. I could go into each set individually but it really just boils down to two things, awful damage from your strongest single target attack(you have neither burst nor a potential follow up to crit snipe/AS) or animations are too long (target has jaunted into skybox by the time your animation finished(total focus/devastating blow)). The only set that did even close to enough damage fast enough to be viable was psi m
  10. 1. All "squishy" (I don't think blasters are squishies at this point but they are considered a "squishy") ATs get a flat 40% base res to everything in pvp with their epic power pool shield(without it they get 30%+). Other ATs including melee do not, they get whatever res they get from their defense/resistance set including any holes/deficiencies/weaknesses inherent in that set. This leads to certain scenarios where yes squishy ATs are tankier than melees 🙂 2. In pvp, total focus does base 2 second stun duration(every AT in the game aside from controllers/dom have base 2 second mez
  11. Melee as a whole is just absolute trash, won't go off on that tangent here. But if I can get changes for energy melee to be functional on release for stalkers(like people in the pvp community ALREADY HAVE DONE for trick arrow), stalkers will go from having 1 functional set for pvp to 2. I love the EM changes but as you can see the numbers are still pretty much a joke. Blasters basically get 2 ranged energy transfers worth of damage in snipe (a snipe for god sakes) and strangler. Also the numbers I posted are mini critted ET, without mini crit, ET literally does less damage than blaster range a
  12. Did some more testing v.s. a min/maxed pvp blaster build (fire/plant) with my min/maxed em/bio stalker, here are the numbers in pvp as to why stalkers could definitely use a bump in damage. Typical fire/plant attack chain (Anyone can hit this attack chain 100% of the time) build up->blaze->strangler->blazing bolt Blaze: 384 damage (5 sec cooldown 100 ft+ Ranged) Strangler: 676 damage (10 sec cooldown 80ft+ ranged) Blazing Bolt 661 damage (Insta cast ranged SNIPE 5 sec cooldown 100ft+ range) TOTAL: 1721 damage at 80 ft+ range (vs bio stalker
  13. For stalkers in PvP(these changes apply to pvp only), I am completely fine losing the heal ET and double energy focus charges in TF. There is not really a scenario where these benefits are helpful, stalkers cant at all scrap with other melees(their tankiness just lets them out damage race you) so losing the extra benefits for more up front crit damage would be far more useful. I have tested this in 8v8 arena and against a tank 1v1. EM in pvp doesn't do great enough damage to justify playing this over a blaster. First off when running a melee you are on less targets in general and s
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