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Flickering of [Fade]


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I just took this power and discovered the flickering as well. Took a quick snap of it with my phone, looks like this. For everyone that receives this buff, their character model flickers like that. It's very distracting and looks terrible :(. There is no minimal FX option for Fade, nor does it have a "Soul Noir" graphics option like most of Darkness Affinity has.  Both original and color tintable options flicker.


Would love to see a fix for this!

@dungeoness and @eloora on Excelsior

<Federation of United Cosmic Knights>

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I made a toon to see if the issue is there. on the second poster it may be the floating lanterns that causing the power to trigger on or off or redraw. Saw the same flicking on a demond mm pet whe ni had ice powers and the demond was fire. with the cam pointed just right the mm pet was blinking.

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