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Mastermind Binds?

Happy KillMore

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Anyone remember the old keybind files that Masterminds used to use?  There was a trick to loading new bind files in the background.  Essentially, you'd hit a key to select your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tier pet(s), or a key for all of them; then you could hit a key to attack or something or something; and you could hit keys for selecting passive/aggressive stances.  Then you could select each tier and order them around separately.  Made the MMs really nice to play.

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I copy and pasted the binds from the link for Beast Mastery, and the follow, attack, move to, and stances work and work for at the same time for both pets I have, but I can't directly select (keybindings 1,2,3) each rank total of my pets.  Any ideas what could be wrong?

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While the original MM binds are nice, I think in a lot of ways they are overkill. In my experience you only really need five commands:

1. Attack and Aggressive

2. Attack

3. Defensive and Follow

4. Goto location

5. Passive and Follow


So you can actually get away with a simpler bind set than the full one which can be easier to use. One option is to have a set of four keys for the binds and then just use Ctrl or Alt to designate specific groups (I prefer to have the last one as a single all pets command key).


Just something to think about.

Defender Smash!

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I copied the commands to a text file like the guide suggested, but I can't paste in the game.  Right click in the text box, right?


You don't actually need to input them ingame, here is a better guide to the MM binds




Basically what you do is copy paste the commands to .txt files saved on your PC. All you need to do it mount the "primary" text file. In the examples in that link, it would be the "mercs.txt" that need to be imported ingame. This is the master file which will tell the game to reference the secondary text files that contain the bind commands for each pet group


Using this method there is just one command to use ingame :

/bindloadfile "C:\covbinds\mercs.txt"


You can then easily remake the files for your other Mastermind alts without having to slog through the manual copy/pasting in-game

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