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[Blaster] Interface "reactive" or "degenerative"?


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Reactive deals slightly bigger raw damage (about 32 pts instead of 28 from Degenerative), but Degenerative is toxic-typed, and less likely to be resisted, and also Degenerative has ALOT better extra effect (-1000 max HP for Archvillains, stack 30 of them and AV will vanish). Better to take Degenerative Core is your character has high rate of fire (including Pet/Pseudopet fire), but deals not that big damage, like Robotics/Traps mastermind n.n. On a thug mastermind it may perform even better because of posses. With burnout & 2 gang wars you may make equally-leveled AV vanish (maybe).

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Make Energy Aura available for Tankers plz, Munitions Mastery (Epic) for Masterminds, Temporal Manipulation (attacks) for Dominators, buff somehow underperforming Lore pets (Robotic Drones, Demons, Seers).

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