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Martial Prowess/MMA(No new animations required!)

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As for unarmed martial artsy sets I really do feel the game has many elements covered punches, kicks(ma & stj) karate chops(psionic melee) chi energy strikes/blasts(kinetic melee) but you can't have it all & the latter 2 sets have no leg strikes at all so I propose a set that has a mix of powers from all 4.

Sorry I'm on my phone right now & I don't remember the names of all powers or their tiers I plan to update the set later.


1. StJ t1

2. PM t2 (with & without particle effects)

3. StJ t2

4. MA palm strike(w/ crane kick & axe kick alternative animations) 

5. StJ rib cracker

6.PM cone attack (with & without particle effects)

7. Utility power: KM range st attack or MA focus chi as an alternate power

8. KM pbaoe

9. Wild card: your choice of the heavy hitting ST attack t8 or t9 of any of the martial artsy sets + the option of knock out blow because I think the animation is pretty fun.



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