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  1. A variety of Polearms for Staff Basic Spear (in two styles) Basic & Ornamental Halberd Naginata Double Hook Polearm A variety of historical Chinese Polearms
  2. It would be very cool to have a gang war power that raises an undead horde of zombies & malevolent ghosts. Are there any other powers that use defeated enemies other than the Warshade Dark Extraction and Stygian Circle powers, and the pool power Victory Rush?
  3. After seeing the Rico crime app on Westworld Season 3 I wished the villain newspaper worked more like that. You can use a filter to pick the type of crime you're interested in (Theft, delivering contraband, roughing someone up, collecting bribes/payoffs, kidnappings, assassinations, etc..) & it then provides you with a long list of available crimes along with listing the payout you'll recieve for doing them (& the rep you'll get as well) or you can choose to see what's available nearby right now. The app lets you know if its a solo job or if you need a team & puts together the team for you. The app also lets you know if the task is limited time available (time crunch to complete) or more open ended (you can take your time to plan it out). As you successfully complete tasks your rep goes up which opens up bigger & better jobs but also brings more heat (You move up the most wanted list). In CoH terms more ambushes by law enforcement.
  4. I wonder if there could a balance between the 2 playstyles (having all the pets out vs the players who summon only certain tiers (or no tiers)? Have the MM direct attacks cost less if you have less pets outs. It would have to work similar method to the Defender's Inherent Vigilance where the Defender gets a variable damage bonus based on team size; in this case the MM would get an variable endurance discount based on the number of pets the MM has out. That would allow both playstyles to be viable options.
  5. I would like to see redside access to the Shadow Shard, I'm surprised that Arachnos hasn't established a Firebase of their own there yet. The Circle of Thorns & Nemesis both have bases there. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mage-Killer_Zuhkara#Stop_the_ceremony https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/The_Dark_Watcher_(Primal_Earth)#Investigate_Nemesis_Base Even more strange is fact that Black Scorpion tells you he has a portal conduit to the Shadow Shard set up for you in Nerva. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Black_Scorpion#Investigate_Nemesis_Army_build-up_in_the_Shadow_Shard Even Scirocco sends you there. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Scirocco#Take_the_Malleus_Mundi_from_the_Circle_in_the_Shadow_Shard. And Efficiency Expert Pither. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Efficiency_Expert_Pither#Find_Olivia_Darque_.26_escape And Technician Naylor has the coordinates for the Shadow Shard. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Technician_Naylor#Bravo_for_the_Shadow_Shard_.2837-39.29 With that capability why hasn't Arachnos set up a base there yet?
  6. For Shield users that use a weapon (Broad Sword, Battle Axe, War Mace), let us choose to use an animation where we block/deflect the attack with our weapon instead of using a Shield.
  7. It depends on the goal. If the goal is to help the Villain economy & the Strikeforce provides sufficient rewards, then no additional rewards are needed. If the goal is to encourage players who normally only play hero content into playing through a few villain missions/storyarcs & getting them hooked on playing redside, then maybe. The villain content may not be everyone's cup of tea, but after a few missions maybe some players might decide to stay to see what the rest of the content is like. If that still doesn't hook them another idea I had (and this would be a huge task), Could all the contacts on redside be setup so that you either run the missions as normal (the writing would remain the same) or you run them as a undercover hero going through the missions trying to bring down the villain groups from within (same missions/storyarcs but written from a different angle with a different conclusion to some of the storyarcs)?
  8. While the Heroes would only get the 1 Hour Buff from winning the Zone Invasion, the Villains should get a Buff whether or not the Heroes succeed only because they had to launch the Invasion through the successful completion of the Strikeforce. The Villains should get a longer time buff if the Heroes fail the Zone Invasion; and a shorter time buff if the Heroes win.
  9. How about when the invasion event ends it hits everyone with a limited time zone-wide buff that generates increased reward drops for doing missions?
  10. We already have zombie invasions triggered by TFs/SFs, If you complete the Katie Hannon TF, a random blue side zone is invaded by zombies. If you complete the Virgil Tarikoss SF, a random red side zone is invaded by zombies. TFs/SFs that trigger invasions on the opposite side would be awesome, especially if triggers a random villain group invasion in a random zone on the other side.
  11. I do miss having Galaxy City as alternate hero starter zone. It never seemed to draw huge crowds the way Atlas always, not sure why. I always thought that Galaxy City would have eventually been brought back revamped as a Level 50 Thru 53 zone with incarnate level threats. Bonus points if they took the groups that used to be there on live & scaled them up into incarnate version threats.
  12. The New Costume Pieces Request thread can be found here. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12093-new-costume-pieces-request/
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