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  1. Or provide a button along with the power so that the player can remote ignite the oil slick when they want.
  2. I was thinking that the damage would stay on the main target & a non-damage (or minor damage) electric fence (similar to the Controller/Blaster electric fence) immobilize would arc & catch one or two nearby enemies. It would keep them from running up & attacking the player & it also avoids the frustration of having to chase down a runner. They would stay put until the player has a chance to deal with them.
  3. It would be cool if the immobilize effect on the electrified net arrow could arc to nearby enemies, immobilizing them as well. So even if you use it to ignite the oil slick, you could still catch some nearby enemies too.
  4. Summer Rerun (July): Have each weekend be a different event. (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines) (From Friday Morning to Sunday Evening) Having some other (new) weekend events (or even a single day event) could be fun also: Double Drop event (Recipes, salvage, etc..), Rare Drop Day; a Tax Day Event (April 15) with Family & Mooks themed missions (maybe some Protect (Hero)/Rob (Villain) Bank Missions). Monster Smash Event (April 1st) random Giant Monsters & AVs spawning in Zones throughout the day. King of the Hill Event: Have players go up against some Dev controlled creatures spawning in Talos & Sharkhead.
  5. I completely missed that, that's fantastic. Thanks.
  6. Rage should be single stack so that other powers in the set can be adjusted. Hurl should definitely have an AoE, & having Haymaker be able to hit 3 to 5 targets would go a long way toward giving it that Super Strength feel. And the same way that Martial Arts has alternate animations replacing the kicks with punches I would love an alternate for Footstomp (Footstomp would remain available for anyone who prefers it) where you cause the same effect by punching the ground; call it "Planet Cracker" or "Worldbreaker" Punch.
  7. The beam effects coming out of the blade with various sci-fi blades you can choose from, it could be fun.
  8. I wish that Time Bomb worked like the Crab Spider's Omega Maneuver where it taunts all the enemies in a wide range around it, drawing them in before it detonates.
  9. Then we could finally have Spark Blade's powerset, Lightning Katana & Pistol.
  10. In the name of compromise, can the event be altered to allow Trick or Treating even when it's daylight. (In real life I've seen kids Trick or Treating in the early afternoon even though it's still sunny out.) Have the skies go dark when the Banners or Giant Monsters (Jack & Eochai) appear & when Zombie Invasions happen. Maybe have increased spawns when the night cycle is up?
  11. Just wondering, What would be the low level redside equivalent? Does redside have a low level Echo Zone? (Echo of Mercy Pre-Issue 21 maybe?) Edit: To answer my own question, just logged in & checked, there isn't.
  12. Is it wrong that I like the Juggernaut helmet from Deadpool 2 (middle left) more than the classic version (top)?
  13. During the event, if you're missing the sunlight don't forget that Ouroboros (& never-ending sunlight) is only a click away. I wonder how much inf Menders spend on suntan lotion.
  14. Either make Punch the new T1 or give Jab an equivalent amount of damage to Punch. Allow Haymaker to hit 3 to 5 targets. Move Tanker Knockout Blow to level 16 instead of 20. (Even that feels too late in the build but there is no other power I would switch out instead.) Add -Res to Hand Clap. Those changes would make the set actually feel super.
  15. Periodically rotate the day from time to time. Malevolent Mondays Treacherous Tuesdays Wrongdoer Wednesdays Thievery Thursdays Felony Fridays Swindler Saturdays Scoundrel Sundays
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