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  1. As @EmmySky mentioned it would determine your starting contacts (with each contact having a different enemy type for you to fight). On live I avoided Science & Tech origin because it meant you would be fighting either Clockwork or Vahz, and at the low levels before your powers were slotted up those weren't great things to be fighting. (Being hit with toxic or mez on a lowbie isn't fun.) Give me Hellions, Skulls or Circle of Thorns over that any day.
  2. Have you seen the ones from the Billboard Contest that ran from November 2010 to January 2011 on live? http://web.archive.org/web/20110809012801/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/news_archive/the_city_of_heroes_billboard_c.php Original Contest Rules and Picture Size Specs http://web.archive.org/web/20121003113222/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/news_archive/announcing_the_city_of_heroes_2.php
  3. General: Private, you were stationed at Point Du Hoc, what happened to Sgt. Hulka?
  4. Everything on the second list (the one you quoted) can be outleveled, everything on the first list (further up on this thread) you can never outlevel (i.e. They are all available up to & including level 50).
  5. I put this together from info scattered all over Paragon Wiki. Additional Endless Contacts (Within certain level ranges) The Hollows - Meg Mason (Levels 5 - 15) Praetoria - Message Man (Resistance) (Levels 5 - 20) Praetoria - Clockwork A87952 (Loyalists) (Levels 5 - 20) First Ward Hero, Vigilante, or Resistance Roadflare (Levels 20 - 29) Trina Furst (Levels 20 - 29) Vickers (Levels 20 - 29) Villain, Rogue, or Loyalist Angela Hu (Levels 20 - 29) Mr. Caldoun (Levels 20 - 29) Night Ward Atherton Cromwell (Levels 30 -39) Sir Lionel (Levels 30 - 39)
  6. Endless Mission Contacts Hero Police Radio Tip Missions Cimerora - Marcus Valerius Dark Astoria - Ephram Sha Rikti War Zone - Borea Shadow Shard - Firebase Zulu - Dr. Boyd, General Hammond, Lt. Volkov Shadow Shard - Cascade Archipelago - Dr. Huxley, Lt. Col. Flynn Villain Rogue Isle Protector (Newspaper) Tip Missions Cimerora - Marcus Valerius Dark Astoria - Maharaj Rikti War Zone - Borea
  7. That thread was comedy gold, only UniqueDragon's Jerk Hacking thread topped it.
  8. I would want to make one inspired by either Alan from "The New Statesman" or Malcolm from "The Thick of It". Thinking of those shows make wish there was a modern day Blackadder set in the current political environment.
  9. I wish there was a blueside storyarc which either gives hero access to those exact Patron Pools or instead gives heros blueside Patron powers (i.e. Positron, Manticore, etc...) that are comparable to the redside Patron Pools. If the intention of restricting the Patron Pools is to encourage players to play redside, I feel that this isn't the best method to go about doing so. As it is, how many players stay playing redside after side-switching as opposed to players who simply run the storyarc then immediately switch back to hero. Perhaps there could be something different to encourage players to play redside. There should also be a greater selection of Ancillary Pools to better match existing Primaries/Secondaries. (Even if they made from recycled/recolored powers from other powersets.)
  10. Besides an underwater city, I would also love to see Golden Ace's Moon Hazard Zone finally get created. https://web.archive.org/web/20120904084836/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=114726 And have Golden Ace be the trainer for that zone. I also want to see if the moon is where the rikti that survived the initial invasion retreated to, since the Rikti War Zone only has the one crashed ship & according to lore other ships survived. https://web.archive.org/web/20121003083341/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/game_info/story/invasion.php https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Paragon_Times/20070605
  11. @Trickshooter had good suggestions for improving Poison & splashing was one of them. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/6242-poison-buffs-poison-buffs/
  12. If the enter base from passcode command disappears I hope we get a teleport to Fort Trident/Crucible. (And both those locations should get either a base portal or a Tunnel Portal as well)
  13. A fur-rimmed hood would be a welcome addition. You should add it to the New Costume Pieces Request Thread. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12093-new-costume-pieces-request/
  14. For an Incarnate Raid with the Praetorian version of Hamidon (He's supposed to be a lot more powerful than our version) I would like to see a superior version of Hamidon Enhancements, Incarnate Hami-Os (or Incarnate Mot-Os if we gain them from Mot).
  15. I don't have a guide that gathers everything in one place, but here is some info. Lord Winter's Realm is on the LFG Menu https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lord_Winter's_Realm Father Time is in the Ski Chalet https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Father_Time http://web.archive.org/web/20121025112828/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/events/winter_event.php
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