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  1. Paragon Rewards program, Reward Level 9 VIP had Super Packs https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Paragon_Rewards_Program This is what Super Pack - Heroes and Villains contained: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Super_Pack/Heroes_and_Villains
  2. I had forgotten the level Medic was gained. I enjoyed setting up & pulling enemies onto 3 rows of mines & having caltrops under my feet which would make any enemy turn around & walk right back into any mines they missed, while flipping my Merc henchpets from passive to aggressive to finish them. Warwolves were the only thing that ruined that little move, always had to place a mine under my feet just for them.
  3. Love the idea of making Serum an AoE & the idea of a 7th Henchpet. I'm a little hesitant about pushing the Medic to Level 18 (On Live I played a Mercs/Traps, & the Medic was a life-saver for both the other Henchpets & myself even at the low (sub-lvl 18) levels). Could the 7th Henchpet be a 2nd Medic? Or would that break the set? And whether or not the above idea is used, I think that @Shazbotacus idea of giving the Medic a Generator (Triage Generator: Regen Plus small Defense Boost) similar to the Sky Raiders Generator is an idea that is pure awesome, as mentioned in this thread: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12055-i-want-to-talk-about-buffing-mercs/
  4. Will the Pocket D VIP Pass teleporter be added to the Fast Travel popmenu in a future build?
  5. Sounds like a fun playstyle. Spear & Shield can enable plenty of character concepts. I also would eventually want to see an "elemental weapon & pistol" powerset (fire, lightning, ice, etc...) so we can finally have Spark Blade's powerset in the game.
  6. As your body is taking damage your ability to self-heal goes into overdrive to compensate. Think of it as wolverine or the hulk taking heavy damage & they suddenly bounce back stronger & more ticked off than ever.
  7. Aside from front loading the heals, scaling regen and/or scaling damage resist and resistance to -heal, -regen, & -recharge; How about also adding this...as your health drops below half your health bar, you have a cumulative chance of instantly recharging some/all of your clickies (Reconstruction, Instant Healing, etc...) (with a cooldown after it triggers)?
  8. Just these: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Demo_Editing/Scenic_Maps https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mission_Architect_Unique_Maps
  9. I like this. Another feature I would expect from Holy Light is to have some of the powers proc a heal on allies as well as damage enemies. And an ally rez that damages nearby enemies. Before the powerset is release to the players I would first introduce a new NPC group with these powers, perhaps repurpose the removed Incarnate Merit Vendors (Astral Christy, Empyrean Michael, Taskmaster Gabriel) & remove the "Astral" & "Empyrean" from their names; also use these NPC as new mission contacts. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Incarnate_Merit_Vendor https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Taskmaster_Gabriel Have players meet this group in a new thematic zone; a level 50+ Incarnate only cooperative zone would be ideal.
  10. I find the brown caves on the villain side to be wider & not as twisty as the blue ones heroside. My gripe with the blue caves isn't how narrow or twisty-windy they are, it's the holes in the floor of the 5 tier pancake room. I always forget to alter my camera angle so I can spot the holes in the floor until after I've fallen through onto some CoT's head (usually the boss).
  11. When you first step into Kings Row at level 5 I find that a few contacts (& the police radio) sends you to mission doors at the top of the zone. (Dodging purple con enemies to reach your door is a pain). Having a place nearby to sell any drops & also able to restock on inspirations would be appreciated. And there are some Kings Row contacts that send you on Skull hunts in Perez, having a gate right there would be handy. While this would be a nice quality of life feature to have, there is no rush to implement this right now; it can be done when the Dev schedule allows.
  12. @daveyfiacre put together a huge list of alternate pets for each Mastermind & Controller powersets using creatures that already exist ingame. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/9713-mastermind-pet-clones-andor-female-minions/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-88013
  13. I wish that all the starter contacts (Azuria, Rick Davies, etc...) were added to flashback. Even though they don't have storyarcs; all missions from every contact should eventually be added to flashback. Perhaps in the future that is something the new devs could look into (when time allows). I remember that some contacts gave out DOs or SOs for completing their storyarc, was there ever a list of which contacts did?
  14. That is all that is needed, have Blue Steel admit he made a mistake & overreacted. Have him try to make amends & have Clockwork King refuse it (initially), then later have Clockwork King (who wants to prove to Penelope Yin he has changed) accept Blue Steel's apology. Perhaps part of Blue Steel's amends, his TF deals with acquiring cloning technology that will provide the Clockwork King with a cloned version of his original body. I prefer that to be the way the Devs handle it rather than locking Blue Steel up. But, If they did lock Blue Steel up I would expect him to say something similar to this.
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