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  1. Fair enough but I'd rather have protections in the places I'm weakest then greater protection in the places I'm already pretty durable
  2. Let tanks keep their DMG bonus, just patch a bit of the weaknesses in Brute secondaries like Psi, Toxic & KB holes.
  3. Sweltering High Humidity Sweat Drenched
  4. Can we get a summer pack of IO sets
  5. shiiiiiiiiiiiit when were winter packs on sale?
  6. I felt that, change the decades & that's me to a T Videogames, Comicbooks, Anime, & Computers are some of my main Geek hobby areas of interest.
  7. Yeah i checked in game and discovered my error hoping this thread would quietly die lol
  8. I think this is a great idea for example if doing a "same rarity" conversion it should show all eligible sets given the lvl of the IO being converted ditto for "same category"; obviously wouldn't be needed for same set conversions
  9. I skipped the taunt & the one ST power that needs momentum to be used, Defensive sweep can provide a crazy amount of Melee def to a resist based build allowing to focus on Ranged & Aoe IO bonuses
  10. I like soloing AVs, tracking them down while crushing their small fry flunkies until I've cornered them & it's down to fists & wits (& stats lol)
  11. True unless they have 100% resistance to something (which is exceedingly rare)
  12. Minor nitpick, iirc both -Dam (& -Res) are resisted by resistance
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