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  1. I'm getting " Wrong game version, run patcher and reconnect, server 20210523_4383, client 20210507_4357" as well with Tequila Launcher
  2. I thought damaging toggles like this worked like damaging Pseudo Pets(like trip mine & voltaic sentinel) which do not inherit ACC or Tohit bonuses from the castor to my knowledge (which may be out of date or just plain wrong)
  3. Is Enflame an Autohit??? How you getting away with procs only?
  4. the 1st or 2nd one or something in between?
  5. Stateman/Tyrant & Miss Liberty/Dominatrix
  6. Just finished it yesterday & mostly loved it
  7. Miura was a giant of the Manga industry his impact on the medium, Anime, & Videogames can not be overstated, he will be missed but not forgotten. *em holdtorch*
  8. Hard to go wrong with Dark blast & Mace imo, lots of -tohit stacking with your +def powers & bonuses, you get an attack that heals you for further survivability as well as a hold power I'm loving my Dark/Rad/Mace I just wish i had more powers.
  9. I guess what I want to know is how often do PPM procs go off in Caltrops per tics now vs the 20% chance prior to PPMs
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