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  1. Hard to go wrong with Dark blast & Mace imo, lots of -tohit stacking with your +def powers & bonuses, you get an attack that heals you for further survivability as well as a hold power I'm loving my Dark/Rad/Mace I just wish i had more powers.
  2. I guess what I want to know is how often do PPM procs go off in Caltrops per tics now vs the 20% chance prior to PPMs
  3. This, the PPM change especially the formula especially in AOEs hurts proc rate in AOE Pseudo pets & that as well Good to hear(read) but I wonder if there is anything more definitive
  4. With all the nerfs to Procs is maxing out the procs slotted into caltrops worthwhile?
  5. if you're going to play Sonic blast definitely play it on a Defender I have been a big proponent of Time/Sonic since live
  6. I think you bring up an interesting Idea in Imperious' loyalists being all dudes, what would drive all the women in the ranks to defect & join Romulus????? The Warriors should get Amazon units possibly disillusioned KOA novices additionally whole Posses of high level Warriors could be instructed by Ex KOA officers.
  7. I love it when I can trust that my team mates can handle their business which frees me to seek my own challenges. I told this story before but it is a favored memory from before the shutdown: On an LGTF I told the group that I would go ahead & solo the Clockwork King while they were fighting their way back to the front door. What follows for me was one of the most difficult AV Solos I ever attempted(without dying) after the smoke cleared I reigned supreme & my team then caught up with me. I guess someone on the team wasn't paying attention to the chat log & asked "what
  8. I'm pretty sure i only have Sorcery/ROP on one of my toons & that is the one with the greatest thematic match, why is this pool being further weakened at all? I also never agreed with Weaken Resolve getting nerfed either🙄
  9. What is/was the GM merit farm? I never heard of it till now
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