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Martial combat: (Reaction Time) not working properly


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The details listed for the power reaction time state, that it gives a boost to many attributes.


+ 70.00%  run speed

+ 70.00%  fly speed

+ 70.00%  jump speed

+ 40.00% strength to recharge

+ 70.00% strength to jump height

3.14 max run speed

44.11 max absorption 


+ 50.00% recovery rate


The bug that I've noticed is;


That although I can notice/see the recovery in the combat attribute window.  And have noticed the absorption happening, when I am struck by same mobs that struck me harder before power.  All of the other attributes don't occur and don't show up.  There is no increase in run speed or jump height/speed.  No improvement on my recharge or even a listing in combat attribute window under recharge bonus.  In fact, all of those attributes appear to proc and last for about 5 secs, as well as show up in the combat attribute window, when you shut the toggle off.  With the exception of jump height.  It doesn't show up at all.  Even when toggled off.  the power appears to be glitched.  And only occurs when toggled off as oppose to happening while toggled on.  Can some of you other Blaster out there with this power, please confirm my observations and add to this thread.  


Thank you for bringing back CoH!!!




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