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How well does Savage/SR stack up?

the mauler

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All AT combinations are viable, some take a bit more work to get to par on defence caps ( /fire). I think it's more of a question of what do you want to get out of your character. Unless you want to run farms or do mostly single target things, I'm pretty sure it's all at least in the "viable" category

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I don't know Savage Melee yet, and I've not played Super Reflexes in a long time, but I put together a Super Reflexes build for a friend, and was surprised at just how far it can be pushed these days - soft-capped for incarnate content, passable resistance, particularly as hit points drop, and Rebirth to take care of having no heal. He said it felt very solid in +4 incarnate content, though it's admittedly his first 50 so he has little to compare it to. But on paper, it looked great to me, much better than my old Super Reflexes from so many years ago.


For incarnate content.


The sort of defense you can get from Super Reflexes and set IOs is wasted if you're playing regular content, and I'd probably go with a set that has more resistance. Well, unless you hate defense debuffs with a burning passion that can only be fully satisfied by Super Reflexes. Or maybe for leveling? It probably levels well, particularly if you slap in the two +3% defense IOs from the start and focus on getting soft capped early.

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