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  1. Werner

    ITF Build

    I’m away from the computer so can’t see or post builds, but have a look at The Tank Gods thread. There’s a lot of discussion, then at some point it morphs into a soloing the ITF thread, with a typical difficulty in the thread being +4x8 no temporary powers, no inspirations, no deaths, enemies buffed. Some runs were also player debuffed and/or further restrictions. Some runs were for time. I think some builds were posted. I posted my SD/MA that did it. If you’re just looking for the hardcore ITF builds, probably start at the end and work back, but I remember it being an interesting thread start
  2. I realize now that I’ve been neglecting 801. I need to see how much I can crawl up the scale on my SD/MA. I also wanted to try speed running 801.2, but hadn’t gotten to it. Maybe it’s time for me to start defaulting to 801 instead of ITF when I want to hop on solo and play for a few hours. That doesn’t answer your question at all, and I play no inspirations so I’ll never make it to 801.A I’m sure, but every time I hear 801 I get all excited and grateful so I had to post anyway. 😉
  3. Since I joined the forums in I'm guessing 2006, there are two questions that have come up frequently that I think are closely related: What should we exclude when evaluating a set's performance? What should we exclude when bragging about our accomplishments with a build? I recognize that these are technically not the same question, but I feel like historically they've been answered the same way, and I personally feel more comfortable when they are, so I'll probably confuse them for each other for the rest of this post. But yeah, not the same question. I know. Anyway
  4. I’m perhaps unusual in this regard (?), but by the time I hit 50, or certainly by the time I’m IOd and incarnated, my inspiration tray is closed and pretty much doesn’t get touched again. Big exception for farming, combining into and chewing reds at a rapid pace. I definitely use inspirations while leveling, but that’s before I would consider myself min/maxed.
  5. That we found ourselves referencing soloing +4/x8 content when discussing the relative power levels of armors suggests to me that Regen is likely just fine the vast majority of the time. And that’s what seems to be reported in this thread by the people playing it, regardless of relative power level. It’s been fun for me so far. I think I’m level 16 now, and died twice? Barely started, and it was all team play today, but leveling on teams probably much better describes the typical Regen experience than soloing difficult content while fully IOd and incarnated. It’s easy for me to lose sight of t
  6. My own belief is more like "Regen is one of the weaker armor sets, potentially weakest." And without relevant experience, I can't back up that belief. It's definitely playable. Edit: weaker in the endgame with incarnate powers and IOs... I don’t much think about power levels while leveling, making my opinions even less relevant. And the original post seemed at least as much about fun as it was about relative power levels. It can definitely be fun if that’s a style of play you like.
  7. Take my conclusions with a huge grain of salt. Until last night I'd not played Regen in years, and I'm currently playing my level 11 Katana/Regen Scrapper with friends. I have no current relevant experience.
  8. I know that some Tankers can do it much faster. I did a 1:28:03 solo +4x8 MoITF enemies buffed no temps no insps no deaths on a Shield/MA Tanker using amplifiers. @Tsuko did the same in 1:29:55 on a Rad/SS Tanker without amplifiers, and @nihiliiin 1:31:37 on an Invuln/DB Tanker with only Tier 3 incarnates, but with amplifiers. But soloing a regular +4x8 ITF on Regen with some restrictions and one death seems very impressive to me, particularly with @Bill Z Bubba having such trouble at lower settings, because I know what he's capable of. I can't remember the difficulty we had it set at, but way
  9. You’ve reminded me how I felt about Regen back in the day. I hated when it was nerfed, but eventually fell in love with what was left. Because what was left was a set where death was almost always my own fault. I could have survived if only I’d played it better. It was like Regen never let me down, I let Regen down, and it left me with a fierce urge to do better, to prove to Regen that I was worthy. And that’s what I want Regen to be. A set that if played perfectly is among the best or even the best, but one that very few can play that well, resulting in middle of the pack performance overall.
  10. Those would be among my priorities, yes. High HP, and I forget where perma Dull Pain will get me without further help on a Scrapper. I also want to make sure my endurance is more than sustainable to handle drains and debuffs, though Regen is friendly in that regard. And I’m thinking Barrier. Maybe squeeze in Focused Accuracy for to hit debuff resistance, at least with Katana where I have to hit to keep my defense up. Make sure I can always hit everything. Slow resistance so I can get to things to hit them, but that’ll come along with the recharge time resistance.
  11. Haha. Yeah. I’m not out to prove anything, just have some fun. I may well enjoy the ride to 50, which I usually treat very differently from my play at 50. If I do enjoy it that long, I might poke at min/maxing him on beta. I’m expecting that if I do get that far, which is questionable, I’ll be like “yeah, this is trash”, and he’ll get shelved forever. But even the nostalgia factor could make it fun to level.
  12. OK, started my namesake Katana/Regen Scrapper. Even did Outbreak. Cuz work is boring.
  13. Honestly, yeah, this thread makes me a lot more curious to sample current Regen performance than it does scare me off.
  14. Nobody nerfherds when I post my builds. 😢😉But on topic, no, I've not played a min/maxed L50 Regen since live, so I'll grant that someone with current experience, assuming comparable experience with other armor sets, might have a better picture of where it stands than I do with my ancient experience and mere guesses as to how it might perform comparatively these days.
  15. It's been forever since I last played my namesake and pictured Katana/Regen Scrapper in the old game. I loved him, but even in the old game he was probably my weakest fully-IO'd character. In the new game I fear he'd be even worse off comparatively. Plus I'm older and lazier now, and Regen takes focus and effort to play well. But if I still wanted to play that way, I wouldn't hesitate to remake him. Probably most of what I talk about on the forum is hard core min/maxed insanity, and certainly that is much of what I do in game, but I probably spend as much time playing with my friends leveling
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