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  1. You could swap out Combat Jumping and Super Jump for Hover and Fly. Hover burns more endurance, but Willpower should be swimming in endurance. If you only want flight for convenience, and not for concept, you could buy jet packs from the pay to win vendor in Atlas Park. They're relatively cheap, so that's what I do for my otherwise earthbound characters. But yeah, should be no problem swapping in flight instead. I don't let the minor endurance difference dissuade me if I decide I want flight on a character. And welcome to the game!
  2. Worthwhile? WORTHWHILE?! It's amazing on Tankers! 😁 And I think of it as a hybrid defense/resist set once you have an endgame build, particularly on Tankers. Here's my Shield/MA in Mids'. Also, that's with a single stack of the Tanker ATO, so add another 6.7% to 13.4% and cap smashing/lethal. Reactive Defenses can kick in with up to another 10%. I use Amplifiers, so add another 7.5%. And you could have much better psionic resistance - I just chose to focus on other things. I'm not saying that Shield has the resistance of a hard core resistance set, but it's actually quite g
  3. My friends and I tried a 4 person ITF a while back as "average players" - our leveling builds, high level but I don't think 50 yet across the board, some IOs but not a lot, using inspirations. I think we ran it +2x8, definitely wasn't +4x8, and this was before the extra defense got added back in. We got killed over and over on the final mission and eventually gave up. So yeah, I'm sure the ITF can still be a challenge for teams of average players. Player debuffed is an optional additional challenge. So is no amps. I only did it that way once, and that was before the defen
  4. I try to address all of those points with my Dark Regeneration slotting on my Dark/MA Tanker. Set bonuses for resists and knockback protection, Theft of Essence proc, and enough accuracy, healing, and endurance reduction to work fairly reliably even in an AV fight. I don't know if this would be my recommendation for most people for most purposes, but it suits me.
  5. Yeah, Invulnerability can be quite good in that regard, because even with only 50% DDR, the times you really need your defenses to hold up tend to be when surrounded, and when surrounded Invincibility is kicking in with a great boost to defense . Also, defense debuffing attacks are often lethal, which will be hitting your 90% resistance when they get through. So it can be pretty solid in the face of most defense debuffs. Not Super Reflexes solid, but solid. Big psi hole, of course, though partially pluggable. Other than Invuln, I'd have to dig through Mids' for resistance sets with DDR. Invuln
  6. Rereading the OP, I don't consider Dark Armor's weakness to be knockback protection since that is easily addressed. It's the mediocre defense and lack of defense debuff resistance (DDR) that I find troublesome when building and playing Dark Armor. While I've not built or played Radiation Armor, it looks like it has those same weaknesses?
  7. I just did it without amplifiers, but I had to use Lore, which makes me feel dirtier than amplifiers. I don't think it's possible for my build without one or the other.
  8. In hindsight, almost certainly! I don't remember surviving her spin before on any other character. Back in the old game, and prior to incarnates, I had over 50 solo attempts on her at level 50, no temps no insps with my Dark Melee/Super Reflexes Scrapper before I finally gave up and accepted that I couldn't beat her. I just needed that magic run where somehow she never landed the spin, but I never got that magic run.
  9. I'm playing a Shield/MA with 3326 hit points. With all toggles suppressed/off, my defenses range from 19% to 24%, but for a little bit I'm at 29% to 34% from Storm Kick. I have click mez protection, so I still have my mez protection, and probably 43% DDR since it's usually double stacked. I have 69% resistance to energy and negative with everything detoggled...?! Huh. And I assume they're even higher for a bit from the stacking of the Tanker ATO, and then higher after taking damage due to Reactive Defenses. I don't think she can kill me without her friends. But I'm not sure I can kill her with
  10. Yes. Her and Sirocco together, level 54, using amps, but not temps or insps. It didn't seem particularly rough, just annoying going for the occasional spin. I'm sure she's doable without amps as well... unless I'm remembering wrong. I'm not going through an MLTF to get to her again, but surely she's in AE...
  11. Anyway, yes, some Tankers solo AVs. Some Tankers solo level 54 AVs no temps no insps no amps. Since Tankers are low on the melee damage scale, I wouldn't describe it as "efficiently", and you'll probably need to build specifically for that DPS. I think a high-DPS secondary is probably more important than your primary, but a primary that buffs damage in some way is also helpful. Then build yourself a high-DPS attack chain like Bill says. You also can't completely neglect survivability, but that part's easy on Tankers for most AVs.
  12. Ugh. One of my few deaths, and I think I was only on +2, and using amps. I altered my tactics and was fine, but I’m pretty sure +4 would destroy me, and I’m not sure I’d have the DPS on the off chance I survived.
  13. I generally solo it +4x8 enemies buffed no temps no insps no lore no deaths on my Shield/MA Tanker, using amplifiers. I've only done it once player debuffed without amplifiers, which was enough slower to be annoying. I have Tactics and the Kismet unique. I've only done the first two missions under the new rules. I did notice their higher defense, particularly when pulling more than one group. But I typically go in with build up (Focus Chi) and AoE, so the group has been whittled down a bit before I no longer have the extra to hit. It hasn't really caused problems for me. I'll just be more caut
  14. As a Shielder, I’ll happily take that bullet for the team, so to speak.
  15. I’m not asking for Shield nerfs, but it does make me a little sad that it can almost equal SR’s DDR. That’s something that I think makes SR special, and Shield coming close to it makes it feel less special. I do have downtime between double stacks, but it’s difficult to put me down during the gap. I do monitor defense, though, where I wouldn’t even bother on SR.
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