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  1. Werner

    Scrapper ITF

    Haha, and my pimped-out main is a Brute. I feel so dirty!
  2. Werner

    Scrapper ITF

    My first and only ITF, I think? I think I brought my Katana/Regen because I thought it might be a challenging combination for the ITF. Or maybe I just wanted to be on my namesake so that it was clear who I was. I died a fair bit. I remember feeling squishy. I remember having no idea what I was doing and having to be told. But it was a lot of fun.
  3. White Fugue Arachnos Widow I need to sort out a backstory. Teams with Sonata, a female Widow with the same look. I used inhuman proportions for maximum creepiness rather than a complicated costume.
  4. Welcome to the forum, and I'm not trying to be mean, just prevent you or others from making a mistake - this isn't an ultimate Spines/Fire farmer. It probably isn't even an average Spines/Fire farmer. I'm no Spines/Fire farming expert, but I would expect to see 45% fire defense on an average Spines/Fire farmer. 39% is perhaps good enough, but I think most people go all the way. I would expect to see more AoEs, specifically Spine Burst, Electrifying Fences, and Ball Lightning. I would expect to see perma Hasten or fairly close to it - you say you have it, but the build doesn't even look close to perma Hasten unless I'm missing something. Hasten shows a 19.7-second gap, but it will actually be longer than that, because during the gap it is recharging more slowly, so probably a few seconds longer than that. It's an impressive amount of regeneration, but if you need it at all (I'm not sure you do), you probably only need it because you have 39% fire defense instead of 45% fire defense. It would have been easier to get that last 6% fire defense and not worry so much about regeneration. That frees up your epic to pick up some more AoE. Endurance can be an issue then, but you have Consume, though many people prefer Ageless. I doubt this is the ultimate Spines/Fire farmer either, but as an example of a solid Spines/Fire farmer, you could refer to this thread: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/7594-farm-fresh-builds-farming-focused-builds-and-tips/ In which Warlawk (edit: Ugh, how do I tag someone?) posted this example build, which has the basic features I would expect on a Spines/Fire farmer. There are a number of other Spines/Fire farming builds posted. This just happens to be the first one, and an example of what I'm talking about.
  5. One of the nice advantages of Dark Melee is providing a heal to sets that lack one. Regeneration has more healing than it knows what to do with, so it lacks the synergy of some other secondaries.
  6. Worth considering, though the only thing I could lower and still be soft/hard cap with +5% is melee defense, which is 46.7%. But I've also been running some incarnate content, at which point nothing is going to hit the defense soft cap with +5% defense. And nothing will hard cap with 5% resistance. Also, my smashing/lethal defense is 40.1%, so the 5% would take that to the normal soft cap, which would be nice. Barrier is probably better than Rebirth since I already have a fast-recharging heal.
  7. I planned Ageless for my build. But I've found that with my end game build mostly in place, Consume is plenty to cover my endurance needs. That opens up other possibilities, like Barrier or Rebirth, that might do more for my survivability when things get ugly. It seems like that's the basic choice - Consume or Ageless. The only time so far that I could have used both was soloing a pylon using only my AoEs. With only one enemy to hit with Consume, and with the AoEs burning way more endurance than my single target chain, I had to turn off most of my toggles to finish the job.
  8. Me: "Super Jump... we've already maxed your speed with the first slot. I'm guessing height translates directly to distance, and that you want distance and height, but if all you wanted was speed, we can save a slot. Do you think 59% SLFCEN defense with a single enemy in range is overkill? ... dropping SLEN to 57.x%... opened up enough flexibility to improve damage and decrease endurance use. You'd still soft cap with two enemies in range." Friend: "What would you do with the extra slot from Super Jump? I want to know what I'm exchanging. I don't care about extra damage. Rigger is an indestructible taunt bot. So 59% is not overkill. Plus we hate being debuffed, do we not? Being debuffed to squishiness is not tanky. We are tanky." So I put the 59% SLFCEN back in there, and after a little further discussion, kept the two-slotted Super Jump, but at least was able to keep the better slotting of Haymaker and Foot Stomp. Hopefully endurance will be OK with all the procs and with Taunt not taking any endurance. If he isn't already, I'll encourage him to monitor his defense to see how often in practice it ever falls below the soft cap. If he finds that he's usually well over, maybe we can do version 2 of the build were we lower defense and pick up some other things. Final version 1:
  9. Werner


    I took a rough pass at recreating my old namesake Katana/Regen Scrapper as a Brute. I'm sure there's still plenty of room for improvement, but it looks pretty solid to me, as long as you're on point with all the ways you have of preventing and recovering from damage. You could get the resistance higher by swapping out the Achilles' Heels, but I want to be able to do at least a little damage. Attack Chain: DA GC GD GC DA GC SD GC Perma Hasten and Dull Pain. 3135 hit points. Decent resists. Subtract 30% from all the defenses to get his baseline - the game is including the buff from Vorpal Radial Final Judgment. It only lasts for 10 seconds, but it's one of your very many tools. I haven't tried it, or thought about it much, but it seems to me that Regeneration is in a particularly good spot to benefit from the incarnate powers that provide only temporary boosts. - in this case Barrier, Vorpal, and Melee. Regeneration is packed full of temporary boosts. The more you have, the less temporary it all feels. There should always be something there ready to go. You just have to be on your game clicking on it. I'm starting to remember what it was like better. It felt like Regeneration never let me down. Only my skill as a player let me down. I didn't die for lack of tools. I died for lack of using them optimally. Yes, this is a top dollar end game build. Yes, it benefits from the defense from Divine Avalanche (or Parry, or Defensive Sweep, or active mitigation, or whatever). Yes, Regeneration might feel a little squishy leveling when you're short on tools, short on defense, short on resistance, short on everything. But it's hardly the only set that feels less solid leveling than with a full end game build. That's what you're working towards, after all. I really think the main issue is how much attention Regen requires, how unforgiving it can be, and how much time all that clicking can take, reducing your damage output.
  10. Werner


    Regeneration is fine.
  11. I have it, or at least my version of it. I'm still using it sometimes for fine tuning and for comparing very similar builds. But it's missing a lot of things that matter - active mitigation, status protection, defense debuff resistance, other debuff resistance, the different distribution of damage types in incarante content vs. regular content, a good way to easily account for the changing buffs of some incarnate powers, how it's easier to survive if your set doesn't require constant clicking at just the right moment, how easily you benefit from team buffs if you team. Including all of that in a disciplined way would be very complicated. Not including it would be inaccurate. I'm doing more build tuning on my instincts than I probably used to. A bit off topic, I guess. I've not messed with it, but I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, or at least that you could toss in a lot of them at once. If you do please let us know. I want to know if my farmer can solo AVs under Scrapper challenge rules, but I've been too lazy to run the Praetorian arcs again. At least I know I have sufficient DPS, even if it isn't stellar.
  12. I'm almost with you. Some people are posting times without converting, so we seem to be headed that direction. And since we're questioning the right formula, that pushes us further in that direction as well. Times seem less ambiguous, and multiple runs tell us where we might expect our average time to lie. And that's fine if we're just interested in comparative data, just who is faster. But to me at least, this was never a competition, perhaps because I'd so clearly lose. 😉 I've always just wanted to know my DPS. Knowing that I do 210 DPS single target and 140 DPS AoE gives me a better idea how I'll perform in game than knowing how long it takes me to drop a pylon. (Edit: Another point in favor of converting to DPS is that it's a simple linear scale. Times are not. Half the time is not even twice the damage output. I suppose we have similar issues when discussing survivability, though. With survivability, converting to DPS makes for a nice linear scale, but reducing survivability to a single number is... complicated and inaccurate.)
  13. I hardly think I'm a Rage Guru, let alone a long standing one! In the old game, I leveled a SS/Fire non-farmer the old-fashioned way by missioning and street sweeping, and he definitely had and used Rage. I never liked the crash, but eh, whatever, we all live with it. I know Rage is good despite the crash. But now the crash is even more annoying. And, like, it interrupts my flow, man. LOL So I dumped it, even knowing it was good numerically, and even thinking it would hurt my clear speeds. I was surprised when dropping Rage did not seem to put me at a disadvantage, so I thought more closely about why. Still theorycraft, but I think it makes sense. Anyway, I just wanted to recreate that old character, basically. I don't think I ever even took him on an AE farm. If I were making a farmer for farming's sake, I'd probably go Rad/Fire. I hate Spines.
  14. I suspect you're right about the ticks, easily checked, but your approach works either way. The formula I showed assumed that you started at the best possible time. I'd want to know the exact timing of the ticks if it isn't 15, and I'm suspicious that it isn't 15 exactly, but some multiple of 0.132 like it would be for a player. I'm not sure why Pylons would be using a different clock, or a different way of judging when a power had recharged.
  15. Rage is great for damage. You do more damage with Rage. You do even more damage with double Rage. Do something else during the Rage crash. That's what the numbers say... ...in nearly every normal situation. But farms are not normal. We have to be careful when extending our normal thinking to a highly-efficient farming build being played by someone with keybinds and/or macros to efficiently convert all inspirations to reds to chug down at a rapid clip. In such a case, you can often find Rage banging up against the damage cap, and even more often find double Rage banging up against the damage cap. Let's say that I do 50 base DPS and have 100% damage slotting, for 200% damage so far. We max out at 775% damage, so at 575% damage bonus beyond our base + slotting. Here's a table of DPS by damage bonus beyond our base + slotting based on how much Rage we have: 0 = no Rage 1 = single-stack Rage with 128.68 seconds recharge such that we hit Rage only during the crash 2 = double-stack Rage with 63.68 seconds recharge such that we hit Rage only during the crash bonus 0 1 2 1 2 stacks of Rage 100% 150 175 195 +17% +30% 200% 200 221 237 +11% +19% 300% 250 268 279 +7% +12% 400% 300 314 322 +5% +7% 500% 350 358 328 +2% -6% <-- double Rage hurts us 600% 388 358 328 -8% -15% <-- single or double Rage hurts us As we might expect, the benefit of Rage decreases as our damage bonus from other sources increases. What is perhaps less obvious is that once that damage bonus starts getting extreme, Rage and especially double Rage can become counter productive due to the damage cap and time spent not doing damage. I monitor my damage bonus on farms, and I'm going to guess that I average about 450%, but with wide swings around that number. At that level of damage, Rage might still help me just a tiny bit on average, but it would often hinder more than it helps. Double-stacked Rage hinders even more often, and might not even be considered a help at all on average. Beyond theorycraft, I can provide a couple data points that hint that this might be true in game, though two data points do not a statistical analysis make. My SS/Fire/Mu does not have Rage. I only measured one farming pass, but it was at 2.1 million influence per minute. Using the same methodology, a different SS/Fire/Mu farmer with Rage measured... 2.1 million influence per minute. I'm sure there are a ton of factors involved beyond Rage or no Rage, but it is at least a little bit suggestive. Super Strength is an inferior farming set either way. A good Spines/Fire, for instance, can farm about 2.3 million influence per minute, I believe. But if you like Super Strength, and you can accept a 10% loss in farming efficiency, a Super Strength / Fire / Mu farmer can do just fine - with or without Rage.
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