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  1. If I decide to tackle this more seriously, I'll want to learn all the mob abilities and create a priority targeting macro/keybind like I have for some groups, but I figured a quick and dirty substitute for that was to target the special-looking lieutenants, bosses, and elite bosses. And if I see any green radiation, those die first.
  2. There certainly are those days, but it's much more noticeable on my Brute with 55% resistance than my Tanker at 78% after a couple stacks of the ATO plus higher defense and hit points. The energy hole is one reason I run Barrier Core rather than Ageless Radial on both, and handle debuffs in other ways.
  3. My new Dark Armor/Martial Arts Tanker finished 801.2 +4x8 no temps, no insps, no Lore, one death in 1:32. That's the second death ever on my Tanker, now level 68. Thanks, @Linea! 🤬😉 LOL. I didn't even see the cause of death. I was trying to reposition myself more centrally in a mob as the fight started, and was suddenly eating dirt. Taking on the same group after a quick trip to the hospital, I saw it was a combination of both defense and resistance debuffs. I just needed to be paying attention to the numbers, as I monitor my defense and resistance, and can hit Barrier to deal with it. Sloppy. General approach was to Taunt the edge of a group and corner pull, Barrier if defense or resistance debuffed, Dark Regeneration if merely taking damage. No surprises other than being surprised to be suddenly dead. My weaknesses were exactly what I expected - defense debuffs primarily, resistance debuffs to a lesser extent. Most other debuffs I'm fine with. 120% perception debuff resistance, 86.5% recovery and to-hit debuff resistance, 80% recharge time and slow resistance. Dark Regeneration lets me ignore regeneration debuffs. I never even had to hit Conserve Power, which is what I have just in case the endurance drains and debuffs overcome my resistance somehow. What did almost get me at one point was confusion. That also wasn't unexpected - most of my builds have Tactics, but I couldn't fit it in this time without sacrificing something I wanted more. It's tempting to drop Taunt for Tactics, but I'm actually tanking for my friends with this Tanker, and I have almost no Tanker experience, so I'm not comfortable going without.
  4. I just did this on Olafur, my new Dark Armor/Martial Arts Tanker. I expected it to be slower but somewhat easier than on my Katana/Dark Armor Brute. But it actually seemed slightly harder. Katana is just a better choice when facing heavy melee/lethal defense debuffs. 55% melee defense isn't sufficient, and the majority of fights involved cascading defense failure. Sometimes I could get through it with just Dark Regeneration. Sometimes I needed Barrier. And I died on my first attempt. It was Olafur's first death at level 62. It was a death of overconfidence. I decided to charge through and just kill the Cysts. But eventually the aggro cap of mostly Cimerorans took me down. I could have run. I could have base teleported. But I'm a Tanker now, dammit! Tankers don't run! And I'd been lucky so many times before. Luck just wasn't with me this time. I sat there staring at my corpse, grinning, saying "And what lesson have we learned today?" Next attempt, the successful attempt, I played more cautiously. One group at a time. Barrier available. And I did run away a few times. To speed up the cyst mission while still being mostly cautious, I took out the cyst groups and took the cysts down to just a couple hits away from destruction. Since they're objects, they don't regenerate. Then I ran through and killed all the cysts rapid fire, barely touched by any of the ambushes. Nothing really exciting to report. A few close calls, but I pulled through. The final AV fight was just a slog. Ugh. I didn't check the clock, but probably two hours on that fight alone. 240 DPS is sufficient for the fight, but only if you have the patience of Job. Here's the build. Missing tier 4 Lore, but I wasn't using Lore. The Endoplasm in Oppressive Gloom wasn't +2 yet by mistake. Might have helped very slightly. Otherwise this is what I ran.
  5. Werner


    I'm leveling Dark/Martial Arts myself, enjoying the extra defense and stunning bosses. Katana works well on my Brute for lethal/melee soft cap, and being able to go way, way over the soft cap to handle lethal or melee defense debuffs. Dark Melee gives you endurance recovery and other tools. And I'll agree that if you want to do damage, Staff doesn't seem to be the way to go numerically. It feels like it's doing damage, though. Look at all those orange numbers! And it sounds like you're hammering together some IKEA furniture, which is a constant source of amusement.
  6. It may just be where things "naturally" end up, because I saw a couple iterations of a DA/MA Tanker build by @EnjoyTheJourney with some differences in powers and slotting, but very similar numbers on the survival side. Capped energy resistance on Dark Armor is impressive. But yeah, I do understand cutting back for other things, particularly when you'll normally get there anyway. Even the scaling resistance IO makes a big difference when we're approaching the cap. I targeted 84% resistance to most on my Brute, figuring I'd either get the 6% from the scaling resists or from Barrier any time it actually mattered. I may do that on my Brute. I made some compromises to go from 305 to 360 DPS that left me unable to handle, say, the to-hit debuff of Carnies. Ageless Radial fixes that, so I could switch back and forth between Barrier and Ageless depending on what group I'm fighting and probably make do. Or I may just drop back to 305 DPS. I don't need to solo Giant Monsters or L54 AVs with 50% lethal damage resistance, and the survivability was a little better before. Or I may just play my Tanker all the time now. 😉 I plan to run Assault. When I had Melee on my Brute, I almost never touched it, so that's probably doubly true for a Tanker. It also gives me the DPS for L54 AVs, at least the ones without resists. Though if I instead went Ageless, and DPS was less my concern, I'd probably go Melee so I'd have an answer to resistance debuffs. Not a hugely powerful one, but something at least.
  7. ...except for those defense debuffs. Oh, the defense debuffs. Though particularly on a Tanker, the resistance and huge heal can carry you along even when deep in the red on defense. Probably less of a problem if you go Ageless Radial, which I suspect most people would on Dark Armor. But yeah, I was fighting Lord Recluse recently on my DM/SR Brute. Our Tanker lost aggro briefly while we were working on the towers, LR came and hit me, and poof, no endurance.
  8. That sounds similar to the Dark/MA build I'm currently leveling towards. I did a fair bit of testing on beta first. Defense will be 55.1% melee, 47.3% SL, 45.7% FC, 44.4% ranged/AoE. Resistance with one proc 71% energy, 65% toxic, 90% other. I did have a version of the build with 82% energy resistance, but felt it had too many compromises to get there. I blaspheme by going Barrier Core instead of Ageless Radial - it addresses resistance debuffs where Ageless does not, and if needed fills in the energy and toxic "holes", such as they are. I didn't include 6% from Barrier (also took Cardiac Core) in those resistance numbers because I use it for emergencies, not for keeping my resists topped up. Then slotting and power picks for 86.5% end/recovery/to-hit debuff resistance, 120% perception radius debuff resistance, and 80% recharge/slow resistance. I'll be using Dark Regeneration, but I'm basing that on L54 Anti-Matter and +4x8 801.1 on beta. 240 DPS. Should be fine for endurance even facing severe drains and debuffs. Puts my Katana/Dark Brute to shame on everything but single-target DPS, but I guess that's what a Tanker gives you. Other than leveling, I consider endurance to be one of Dark Armor's strengths due to the very high debuff resistance. I mean yes, you have to plan for it, but it's easily done on an end-game build. And it's manageable while leveling, particularly if you throw enough influence and slots at the problem.
  9. I really should try Rad, but I can't seem to pull myself away from Dark. My beautiful, beautiful Dark. I'd be solo leveling my DA/MA Tanker right now if the servers were up, waiting for my friends to sign on. But yeah, there's something so simple about SR, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Just... everything. No worries about defense debuffs. Easy to incarnate soft cap. Easy to play. Basically equal protection from all damage types, so you're not focusing on how to handle the holes in your defense or resistance. Easier to perma Hasten than many. Hard to hit you with other debuffs or exotic status effects. Leveling my SR Tanker, for a while I even kept forgetting to add slots for recharge in my status protection, because even though it was often down, it almost never made a difference due to soft capped defense. Hits it nice and early in the leveling process. It's a pleasure to level and play. And so I play it a lot, even if I know my Darks are tougher. SR is, well... Tough Enough.
  10. Dark Armor/Martial Arts Tanker Eagles Claw -> Storm Kick -> Crippling Axe Kick -> Storm Kick T4 Assault Core T4 Reactive Radial T4 Cardiac Core no Ageless no Lore 5:15 5:54 5:38 5:44 5:34 5:31 5:51 5:41 2708 total seconds 338.5 average seconds 241 DPS
  11. Dark Melee is primarily a single-target set. For farming, you'll go dramatically faster with a primary with a lot of AoE. You may also want to bring your fire defense up to 45% so that you can crank the difficulty and still not have to worry about healing, just focus on damage. There are many farming threads, but this was one I enjoyed, and it has a number of builds for you to reference.
  12. That’s the spirit! I plan to give it a go on my SS/Fire Brute with a full loadout of reds. It’s just a farm, right? Right? 😵
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