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  1. Haha, now if only I knew how to tank! My friends are trying to train me, and must frequently remind me that I’m not a Scrapper. They mentioned some power too... was it Taunt? I think that was it...
  2. Thanks! Though I think the Scrapper runs were much more impressive. Suvivability isn't affected by the player debuff, mostly accuracy and damage, so the only thing extra it shows is that my Tanker has good DPS. I need to take a crack at some speed runs without the player debuff.
  3. MoITF +4x8 no temps no insps no base buffs no Lore no deaths enemies buffed player debuffed completed in 1:53:34. I did use amplifiers and my other incarnate powers. Leveling up and kitting out my Shield/MA Tanker took much longer than I'd hoped. But he's finally finished, so it was time to ITF. First try, mostly smooth run. One mistake in mission 3 when I got so focused on killing a crowd of Surgeons that I forgot to hit Ageless Core and partly detoggled. I fortunately managed to escape, so it only cost me a little bit of time. Another mistake later in the run, when final Rommy's health was moving more slowly than I wanted, so I had the bright idea of pulling in some 5th Column to bump up my damage. Instead, Rommy bumped up his defense, so I had to kill my adds. Between going to get them and killing them, and my debuffed damage, I probably added 5+ minutes to my time. Ah, well. I always mess something up. No big deal. It might be possible to do it without amplifiers. I built around using the defense amplifier, but survivability was a non-issue, so maybe I could survive without the defense and survival amplifiers. Maybe. And it'd be harder to hit and I'd do less damage without the offense amplifier, but Rommy went down fast enough that maybe I'd be able to slowly whittle him down anyway. To be determined.
  4. I think it's a good choice. Maximizing DPS on my Shield/MA Tanker actually involved dropping Eagles Claw, so getting less benefit from its damage buff on a Brute just makes that decision more clear. If you want to incarnate soft cap, which I'd try to do an a MA/Shield Brute, the 7.5% defense will be very helpful. I would be sad "losing" the extra damage from Shield on a Brute, which might push me more towards something like MA/Invuln, say, if I were starting from scratch, but that obviously doesn't work with your concept (well, what I'd actually do is make a Shield/MA Tanker, since that's what I actually did). I think MA/Shield would be just fine on a Bute, just maybe not quite optimal enough to bring out all the min/max discussions.
  5. The space lobster ambush? It’s great! It’s fun! I just want to avoid it if speed running or doing a difficult version of MoITF. But the Cimeroran ambushes while fighting Rommy seem just annoying and tedious to me.
  6. Yeah. I don't think buffed maxed no incarnate powers is at all is doable for any of my 50s, but maybe my Shield/MA will be able to do debuffed/buffed maxed when he's complete. Worth some attempts. I'll probably start easier with merely a debuffed maxed so that I can check my AV DPS before I start bashing my head against surviving to even get to the AVs. Well, I'll start much easier if you include the -1x6 MoITFs I've done while I'm still working on my incarnates and accolades. Incarnates I can probably buy at any time now, but I hate grinding out the accolades.
  7. I finally checked on what player debuffed means. It looks like it's -50% accuracy, -50% damage, -100% taunt/placate resistance. So a build with high accuracy and high damage could probably add that to the list, just taking a little longer.
  8. The map was very helpful, and I just successfully avoided the ambush. Thank you!
  9. Similar experience here earlier today doing a minimum difficulty ITF. Took out the fluffies, started on Romulus, and when he spoke and triggered the first ambush, I was reminded of this, and headed to the door to see what would happen. I fought the first ambush, but no further ambushes came out of the door. In case relevant, I had also been curious what would happen if I flew at maximum height over Romulus, then turned off the jet back to skydive onto him. The only thing that seemed a little unusual was that I was able to do that without triggering the cut scene until I was skydiving. I doubt that had anything to do with a lack of ambushes, but it was one thing I did differently from my normal. Also, earlier, despite flying straight up and to the oracle, I triggered the ambush. I'm still not clear what exactly does and doesn't trigger them. Edit: Ran it again. This time went to the ambush door after the first fluffy went down. No ambushes. Edit: Third time. No dive bombing, just straight in, then drag Romulus to the door, no ambushes. It seems to be consistent.
  10. As I recall, they wanted to get rid of the counterintuitive nature of the current rules where lowering your recharge can make a power better. That mechanic amused me, and I abused it, but I admit it wasn’t intuitive. Hopefully their replacement will make more sense.
  11. Bio is good, but I’m not sure I’d even say it’s the best armor set overall. It depends on what you want your armor set to do. I suppose this is a DPS thread so yes, it’s good for improving damage. But it wouldn’t be in my top several choices for tanking for instance. Titan Weapons is a clearer outlier in my opinion.
  12. Amazing! Congratulations! Well, maybe there's a challenge for us, then, since clearly a maxed buffed MoITF is too easy (LOL). I can't imagine it's possible on a Scrapper, but do we think it's even possible to do a Tanker run with "no incarnates" added to the list? Just the level shift is brutal. Probably impossible on anything without DDR. My Dark/MA would get slaughtered without Barrier. My Shield/MA... it seems unlikely that I could survive the level shift and the loss of Cardiac. And the level shift plus the loss of Reactive and Assault would destroy my DPS. Yeah, there's no way I'd have the DPS even if I somehow survived. Custom-built Invuln/TW before it gets nerfed? Invuln has lowish endurance requirements. Best hit points. Titan Weapons has great damage so might have enough to do level 54 AVs even when they're a true +4 and with no Musculature, Interface, or Hybrid. I don't know. And no heal. Well, not much of a heal. Grab a lot of regen bonuses and the healing procs. Maybe? I really don't know. Eh, I'm going to finish up the Shield/MA before I start on some new project. Someone else would beat me to it anyway. 😉
  13. This could significantly speed things up! And awesome job! I was still fiddling with builds and wondering if this is even possible, and you just go knock that sucker out of the park! Woot! I’m relieved in a way. I don’t think I’ll even try now. I’m just happy it was done. 🙂
  14. I did it with Shield as well, at least if we count beta. But the build is almost complete on live. I might be able to tackle it for real next weekend and try to get a better time.
  15. I think there are better choices, particularly for this challenge, but I have a strong nostalgic fondness for Dark Armor, so I wanted to see how far I could push it. It’s not weak, at least.
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