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Eden Trial: two bugs


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I ran an Eden trial yesterday on Torchbearer, and encountered two bugs of note.


The first bug we found was that attempting to run the trial with a time limit caused the trial to fail instantly; we made two attempts with the "Silver challenge" time limit for the TF and as soon as we set foot inside the door mission we were booted out in failure. Starting the TF with no challenges for our third attempt enabled let us do the mission as normal.


The second bug I can't verify, but a teammate reported that they chose the Titan enhancement award at the end of the trial and didn't receive it. Since Titan enhancements have been buffed to be as strong as Hamidon enhancements (though they drop at -2) and can be combined with Hamidon enhancements in i25, I feel like this is probably the more concerning bug of the two we encountered.

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