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Reduced Powers Graphics Option


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This is a two part suggestion.


Part one:

 I have to take frequent breaks from playing the game due to the sheer intensity of all the graphical effects going off in an 8 man group.  

Expand that to a full 3 group trial, it gets even worse.  This was made worse back in the day when they added the ability to custom colorize powers.

Play too long and I tend to get headaches or fatigue.   I've tried reducing the particle count, which helps a bit, but doesn't quite cut it.


There are some power sets, such as archery (trick arrow?),  which have high intensity flashes, that I had given up on trying to play.



Add a setting that either severely reduces the intensity of other player's powers graphical effects displayed on my client, or even cuts them out completely.

Add a second setting just for my powers.

Note:  This would not impact how other players view them,  just me.


Part Two:

I don't much like it visually when other players buff me with powers such as Ice Shield or Invisibility.  I spend a lot of time on some of my costumes and don't care to have them obscured.



Add a setting that turns off visibility of external buffs on me.  Note:  This would impact both my view of myself, as well as other players - unlike the previous suggestion which only

impacts my client.



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If you turn down the various bloom and other such settings, it should reduce the brightness and such, for the powers.  I play CoH on both a desktop, (where I have everything maxed out), and a laptop, (where I have to turn everything down), and I definitely notice a difference in how bright or "loud" things like power effects are.  Stupid question, but would something like one of those screen privacy filters help you?

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