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WentWorth Bidding Bug?


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I don't have screenshots  because I'm at work right now, but if you go in game you can reproduce the steps to see the issue:


[*]Find a recipe that there's no bidders for, at a specific level (say, level 17)

[*]Bid on that item 1 influence (so that you don't really buy it

[*]Notice that if you look at the SAME recipe for other levels, there is now "1 bid" on that recipe for EVERY level


Now, I don't know if it was this way on live or not, but do you bid on a recipe regardless of the level, or should be bidding be unique for each instance of the recipe, for each level of that recipe? And if it's the former, if you say bid on a level 17 of that recipe, and someone puts one up that's level 20... do you end up getting the level 20 or a level 17 "copy" of the recipe? Or is it just simply a bug in the query that populated the # bidding and it's showing an invalid value?

I'm out.
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This is a change they made for i25. Buyers can buy recipes at any level, regardless of what level the seller’s item is. For example, if someone puts up a level 50 Thunderstrike recipe, but you want it at level 40, you put a bid on a level 40 Thunderstrike and that level 50 recipe is converted to a level 40 recipe when you buy it.

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