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UNSF Base, Laura Lockhart, and a Key

GM Fiddleback

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She is literally laying on the ground in front of the computer terminal and has the key you need to advance the mission and enter the next area.


The game tells you to find her body and get the key, but I suppose people just click right past it.


Slow down a little. Read. Save us some tickets.


Have a good game.

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I did read it. I think the sheer volume of bodies in that room and on each level that aren't clickable made me miss clicking the right one at first. I would start by standing in front of the console (and, subsequently, nearly on top of the correct body) and I wouldn't see her... right at my feet! And I would  assume I had clicked on that particular body when I actually hadn't. Once I finally clicked her and the story continued, it was a real "D'oh!" moment. *sigh

However, I didn't put in a ticket; I found her in the end. And, since then, whenever I see someone struggling with this (usually with a plea for guidance in the Help channel), I make sure to let them know which body to click on. I know I've seen others do that, too. Hopefully, that has helped keep the ticket volume a little lower. 🙂

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