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Aegis proc bug


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The Aegis +psi/mez res IO, while intended to be a continuous effect, isn't even working as a 120/toggle proc.  Slotted in a toggle, it lasts while the toggle is on, but slotted in a click power (at least Rune of Protection from the sorcery pool), it lasts a piddly 8 seconds.

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8 hours ago, Redlynne said:

Where on Praetoria did you get the idea that it worked that way?

The phrasing on the IO.  It states that when it's slotted, it gives +psi/mez res.  Other IOs that just say 'when slotted, gives X' are constant effects and those with a temporary effect say they give an effect for X seconds when the slotted power is activated, which it does not say.  Unbounded Leap, Numina's Convalescence, Freebird, Kismet all list durations.  Unbreakable Guard, Reactive Defense, Sovereign Right, Commanding presence, WInter's Gift and Blessing of the Zephyr all lack a duration and do apply as long as the IO is slotted (though the pet ones obviously don't really do anything if you don't have a pet)

Every IO that has a duration (or as long as the toggle is on) lists a duration of 120 seconds.

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Sorry for necro-posting. Slotted in a click, I get continuous 5% Psi resist (without using the power) but not the 20% mezz resist. Should be both or neither, and the text should be fixed to correctly describe it. 

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The text description should be cleaned up because I just got through about 45 minutes of testing on the Test server after I saw what I thought was a bug both with this and the Impervious Skin Resistance/Regeneration IO.

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