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The official Ace Fan Club page. This is a great place to talk about the amazing exploits of Ace!
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  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNDMRwwHGMX5MdKXK3ta7DowLbhaFUFoQQgGJqSM7gs/edit?usp=sharing
  3. NO WAY! He represents the classic hero! The hero that does whatever they can do help and suppport the community! Ace is way better than Incrediman! Ace has STYLE unlike him. You're just dumb and a troll!!!!
  4. The Ace Scout Program needs YOU to lead the future for the next generation of Paragon City! The Ace Scouts are all about upholding integrity and shaping the world into a better place. Position: Ace Scout Leader Job Description: As an Ace Scout Leader it is your duty to uphold the Ace Code of Conduct and teach fellow Ace Scouts various good morals and survival techniques they need to grow up and face the world. Requirements: Leadership qualities. Adventurous attitude. Outdoors experience. Must be good with kids. Contact: Email [email protected] with a resume.
  5. Hey all, Ace is cool and all but does anyone else think he's a bit overrated? I mean Incrediman is just as cool but I don't see any posts about him on this forum SMH. I just think maybe Ace isn't as cool as you guys think.
  6. Wanted to start a thread about everyone's top Ace ships. I use to be a big Aceccultist fan but now I'm starting to really see the light of InterfACE. What are your guys thoughts? Why?

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