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  1. Let people have their exploits imo. You GMs need to have your priorities checked.
  2. Bumping this thread because having the Soul Noir customization option for Soul Mastery (where appropriate) would be wonderful. Currently on Defenders, Dark Mastery's Dark Embrace has it but Soul Mastery's Dark Embrace does not. I'd love to have the soul Soul Noir aura without losing Power Boost, haha. Seems like an oversight more than anything else.
  3. Holy hell. What a mind-boggling, infuriating, and needlessly aggressive move against farming. All this does is resources less accessible to players. This is a massive mistake.
  4. This is really, really awesome. I can't wait to play around with this, and I'm looking forward to more editor updates down the line.
  5. I mentioned this in the other thread, but with regard to the name -- 'Shock Therapy' is a term with some pretty extreme negative connotations for LGBT people due to its historic use as a cruel, inhumane, and ineffective medical treatment for homosexuality. I highly recommend changing it to something a little bit more neutral and unoffensive. It'd be like creating a lasso powerset and naming it 'Lynching'. It's just bad form.
  6. Alternative name ideas for Shock Therapy that don't have an extremely negative connotation to members of the LGBT community: Synaptic Rejuvination Electric Stimulation Static Discharge Bioelectricity Circuitry ...etc. Just sayin'. Cool update though.
  7. Anybody who actually enjoys base building on Homecoming understands this is an awful idea.
  8. They were already beginning to introduce stronger enemies via incarnate content anyway, so I'm sure this is the direction they would have gone had the game not been shut down.
  9. I like a lot of these changes. 👍 For the new Mirror option on Illusion Control, it would be nice to also have a 'Dark' option for summoning the Mirrors to match the 'Dark' customization option available to the rest of the powerset. EDIT: or even a no vfx option for the power's summoning animation
  10. Some of my characters: Limbo - Darkness Control/Empathy Controller, my main character Fritz - Electrical Blast/Trick Arrow Corruptor Avalanche - Invulnerability/Ice Melee Tanker Mystery - Fire Blast/Radiation Emission Corruptor Elysian - Dual Blades/Radiation Armor Scrapper
  11. Technically we're all powerleveling, it's just a lot of you are really bad at it.
  12. Aha well thank you, but no, it's more of a conceptual thing we use in my SG to break up roleplaying storylines. You can see them all typed up here to see what I'm talking about: http://virtueverse.net/wiki/The_Vanquishers/Adventures
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