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  1. Ohh yeah that looks very jarring. Definitely needs to be fixed.
  2. Jon

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    NC Soft was right. We don't deserve this game
  3. My favorite part from that exchange of tells is this bit: That's gotta be the most tone deaf statement that person could have possibly made. A friendly gaming community wouldn't say 'Bon Voyage' when a player is experiencing frustration with the game. It's such an oblivious statement it belongs on /r/SelfAwarewolves. As a fellow 'oldschool CoH player' I can pretty definitively say that this game's community is not the greatest because it has always been plagued by this behavior. I was honestly surprised to see how quickly people started judging other players for things like farming on Homecoming, as if they were still bitter about from Live after a 7-year hiatus from playing the game. There is a notable chunk of this community that thrives on that elitist mentality of telling other people they are enjoying the game incorrectly. (Ironically, usually those players are the ones who are objectively bad at playing City of Heroes - either through poor understanding of game mechanics or just a complete lack of skill.) Sorry that you had this kind of interaction, OP. Just know that you're not in the wrong, and that while there are others who are like that out there, there are still plenty of people who think that player's behavior is gross.
  4. This is also a really great point. AE adds so much more to this game than just farming. Some of the best content I've played in City of Heroes was player-created through AE. Lets face it, a lot of this game's non-AE stuff is very dry and unfun, so being able to create your own game experience is something that really stands out to me about CoH.
  5. Matt Miller is Positron, one of the old CoH Devs. As for the topic at hand... farming definitely has a place in City of Heroes. I like to farm just to get all of my favorite characters to 50 and IO'd out super quickly so that I can spend more time playing the game on characters without limited power/slot availability or lack of a proper build. To me (and I'm sure many others) characters simply aren't fun to play without being IO'd at level 50. I'm at a point now where I don't really have to farm at all anymore because I made an effort to do all the farming I needed early on, and I think it has been wonderful for my overall experience in this game. I don't have to worry about grinding out TFs for merits, running out of inf, having enough resources... I can just play the game and not think about all that stuff. Throw in the fact that, with farming, you can experiment way more with different AT/Powerset combos than you could ever hope to do without farming, and it starts to make sense why so many people like to do it.
  6. Give me Corruptors or give me death. All other ATs are just for flavor. 😉 Not sure if I'd say the less-popular ATs need love just because of low player numbers - Stalkers, for example, probably don't need a buff because they've already received one, but the AT still suffers from stigmatization due to poor performance from a time that has long since passed. Tankers have underperformed for a while but used to be a fan favorite AT, so I'd call the changes absolutely necessary. Sentinels not being loved is definitely a side-effect of them not having existed before Homecoming, for sure.
  7. More stuff! Did some really quick icons for another one of my supergroups, The Neverenders on Everlasting. From left to right: Blister, Chromeheart, Deadstop, Fritz (my char), Hit Points, Makani, Nowhere Kid, Nowhere Kid (part II), One With The Earth, Pace, Rad Raptor, Smelter, Spell-Slinger, Squall 💕💕💕
  8. Thanks! & yeah I took some creative liberties with Interface's look so I totally understand. He's a crab spider played as an unmanned mecha drone. Here's what he looks like in-game:
  9. So I spent the past few days cranking out some pictures for everyone in my SG, The Vanquishers on Everlasting. First up, we've got Ace & my character Limbo again: Next is Occultist and Osiris: Trance and Interface: Feverburn and Timeburn: Blindsider and Captain Sunlight: Gunfight and Knifefight: Signal and Bulletproof: ...and finally, Starr Power:
  10. I missed the ring bit, so that's fair. The current version of Rage makes Super Strength an unplayable set for me on the SS/EA I recreated from Live. These changes help, but the way stacked Rage ignored the crash from back on Live is by far the optimal option between Live, Homecoming's public servers, and now Homecoming's beta.
  11. I have to say I'm flabbergasted as to why you think people would want Rage to change from a low-maintenance power to a power you have to meticulously keep your eye on its remaining duration so you fire it off at the right time. That's ridiculous.
  12. I'm definitely excited to try these changes out. It seems like these changes are trying to carve an actually unique niche out for Tankers by letting them actually excel at tanking, which is at the very least a step in the right direction. What are the chances of having the aggro cap for Tankers increased?
  13. Players shouldn't be punished for stacking rage with high recharge. This is not a good change. Stacked Rage should counteract the crash penalty to incentivize IO usage. If I'm spending inf on a build, one of the key powers in the powerset should not get worse on that investment.
  14. I'd play Force Fields but I don't hate fun, so...
  15. I'm surprised to see hate for the Twinshot arc considering it has more personality in a single mission than like 90% of the content in this entire game lmao
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