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  1. The Ace Scout Program needs YOU to lead the future for the next generation of Paragon City! The Ace Scouts are all about upholding integrity and shaping the world into a better place. Position: Ace Scout Leader Job Description: As an Ace Scout Leader it is your duty to uphold the Ace Code of Conduct and teach fellow Ace Scouts various good morals and survival techniques they need to grow up and face the world. Requirements: Leadership qualities. Adventurous attitude. Outdoors experience. Must be good with kids. Contact: Email AceScoutHiring@Heromail.com with a resume.
  2. Every week I will post a RP Prompt for you guys (Or you guys can post your own!). Feel free to answer about any character of yours you want, as long as you're having fun with it. RP Prompt #1 Does your character have a family? What are they like?
  3. So, my hope is that this will be a good gathering spot to plan RPs with my friends. What sort of stuff would you like to do?
  4. Sure he's annoying now, but he's got the potential to grow into something more.
  5. In that vein of the sense, I like my style of Superhero RP to mimic long-standing comic book runs. Give me a bunch of events with one-off villains, PUG groups, short AE events or text-based stories involving the "standard" crimefighting dramatics. Sometimes throw in a Galactus -- High Level threat. And Sometimes give me a social event or two. GOD. I hate social events. I'll do em. I'll have fun and goof off with them. But ohhh my god. We are Superheroes. I want less BBQs and more crimefighting!
  6. While I don't think people should be rude to others who ignore the lore, I do think people should make some attempt in incorporating the Lore with their backstories. There's still a lot about CoH that leaves many, many gaps that real lore-breaking stuff is mostly a non-issue. But as long as anyone isn't Ghost Widow's sister or whatever, its all good. It'd be cool to have a forum thread asking questions about Lore and whatnot. I know there's a little Lore channel in the RP Discord. But that's Discord and a bit hard to navigate. Paragonwiki can be a bit hard to compile everythng about a certain topic in like 10-15 minutes anyway.
  7. I fear that these firey spine-bodied breed of hero are necessary in keeping the Council at bay. If it weren't for these men and women, the Council would be doubling-- tripling! -- their criminal activities on Peregrine Island.
  8. (Some plot seeds you all can take and have fun with in your RPs. They're vague enough that any direction you take from them, it could be considered 'canon.') The PPD have been noticing a rather large increase in Council activity in Peregrine Island over the past few weeks. Longbow have been monitoring the situation closely and speculate that the Council are after Portal Corp technology... Why? As people are rushing to the beaches this summer, the internet is on fire with weird, blurry photos of what looks to be fish people sighted out on the coast of Paragon City. To the knowing hero, it's obvious that they're Coralax. It seems that their numbers are springing up and being sighted in the beaches of Talos, Founders' Falls, and more! All around the nice neighborhoods and districts of Paragon City, pamphlets are being passed around for a promise of a Pure Earth. The message seems to be very pro-human and anti-mutant.
  9. Have the journalists of Paragon Times and the Rogue Isle Protector picked up on your heroic deeds or villainous exploits? Any blueside/redside plot or event you ran can be mentioned here! Something big happen to your character that the city would read about? In this thread, feel free to share to the world in a news article theme! Example: SUPERADINE REHABILITATION CENTER ASSAULTED BY SKULLS, RESCUED BY ALL-STAR Late last night in Kings Row, the Skulls gang threw homemade bombs into the Superadine Treatment Clinic, setting it ablaze. Paragon City firefighters and police rushed to the scene, "But [the Police] were outnumbered," PPD SWAT Officer Marcus Roos explained, "The Skulls had too many contraband weapons and literal dark magic on them." The scene, Officer Roos described, was a street covered in shadow, and he could not even see the flash of gunfire. "We were about to call MAGI until a great ray of light cut through the dark." In that moment, officials say that the superhero, All-Star, came down from the sky and battled the gang. It was over in ten minutes and the police swooped in to arrest the Skull arsonists. The Firefighters were able to put out the fires. The fires were mainly concentrated in empty offices. Doctor Jack Frohling of the Superadine Treatment Clinic gave his thanks to the Paragon Police Department, Fire Department, and the heroes of Paragon City. "The Skulls sees this rehab center as a threat to their business of putting superadine on the streets. If that's the case, then I say we, the people of this city, need to press on and keep people educated about and treated from the harmful effects of this drug." All-Star was unavailable for comment with the Paragon Times, though she had tweeted last night at 2:32 AM delivering a short rant, "Who attacks a rehab center? That's just low! Stay safe tonight. If you or someone you know is addicted to Superadine, please reach out to places like these. It really makes a difference." Zero people were injured last night. Court dates for the criminals are yet to be determined.
  10. Oh, hi! I was in a Penny Yin TF with you. I was the dude in the white suit. Hey! You're a cool guy! Global me!
  11. @AgentEmu here. I played Operative Winters and ran Sierra Squad and Hydra Platoon in live. I was also Nyak in Ghost Hound and Youth League and I'm really sorry for that character - I was like 12. Playing a super patriot named All-Star and a scummy villain-for-hire named Cybercrash. Feel free to say hi and RP!
  12. Hey! I've been working on re-editing some AE arcs of mine. I'm not in-game at the moment, but you can find them on Everlasting by searching my global @AgentEmu! I can work on making them on all servers if you'd like. Blood Brother - a lvl 1-9 hero arc. Designed to be sorta street-level. You are a new vigilante/hero scoping out a bar in Atlas Park that has become a haven for the Hellions gang. Desperate Measures - Level 20-25ish? My love-letter to Virtue's Pocket D. Help Desperate Guy find true love! Playstyle is a little clunky, be warned, but it is super funny! Note: These are very story-oriented. Don't expect to get sooo much XP from them. They aren't farmable.
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