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  1. My one little issue with the SO drops at low levels is that you get a whole mix of origins instead of ones specific for your character. True, you have a lot more enhancements to sell and you can easily buy more on your own that way. But it's just a minor inconvenience when soloing in the 1-10 level range.
  2. Salaries? I can't tell if this is a blend of IC/OOC or you're actually giving people money to give others imaginary drinks.
  3. Currently the SG I'm in is doing a weird time travel/reality breaking event where our characters are transforming into different dimensional versions of each other as space/time collapses in on itself. It makes me wonder what else has been going on in the Paragon and the Isles, lately. Got a cool plot you've been running or have run in the past and want to talk about it? Tell us!
  4. Back in 2005, the Holiday event had Christmas themed Longbow and Arachnos contacts giving out missions called Operation Holiday Cheer and Operation Scrooge. And your hero had to go to Mercy Island and save Christmas and take back Christmas presents. And your villain had to steal presents. It was just a short one-mission event with 4 glowies. Why has this never come back? I genuinely miss it, even if it was just a small little thing. Does it still exist in the old coding somewhere?
  5. Hypocritical?! Look, Praetorian, it's been two months. You've probably made your decision by now, and judging from all the answers, I'm going to assume you went to the Isles, and I'm going to assume you're climbing Lord Recluse's ladder and you're being happily rewarded for it. But, the jobs you are taking when you go preform heists in Paragon only hurt your own people. Kallisti Wharf has a large amount of Praetorian refugees integrating within society. Paragon City is home to the superhero team, the New Praetorians. The FBSA and Vanguard work hard to keep Praetorians
  6. Do what Patti said! There's no wrong way to RP and no one complains about people playing their characters from Live. For Lore, I'd recommend scourging through Paragonwiki or plunging through the old story arcs and contacts of the game. That first content has a lot of basework for many of the villain groups of the game with details on what they do, who they work for, etc. Remember, you can always make up your own villains too but it's generally a good idea to get the Basic Lore down so no one laughs at you or disowns your entire family or something. Number
  7. Hi! Thanks for asking! I would say that Bonezone is definitely my nemesis. Us two just keep running into each other, you know? He'll rob a jewelry store or hold up a bank and I just always seem to be in the area. It's funny like that! No, we definitely have history given our first few encounters and it's all boiled down to a sort of respectful spiteness towards each other. Better nemesis than Frosty Chill. Favorite team ups? It's always shifting and I don't like to not include people but here's a short list: Chromeheart (American Steel represent!), Hex Wor
  8. Hello! I am All-Star, the old sidekick of the All-American and a proud hero of Paragon City. I will be doing my best to answer all of your questions, but please before you ask, do check out the Say No To Superadine charity fundraiser. There's so many Paragon citizens suffering from this drug in more ways than one. Take back our communities today by donating and Ask Me Anything!
  9. The Ace Scout Program needs YOU to lead the future for the next generation of Paragon City! The Ace Scouts are all about upholding integrity and shaping the world into a better place. Position: Ace Scout Leader Job Description: As an Ace Scout Leader it is your duty to uphold the Ace Code of Conduct and teach fellow Ace Scouts various good morals and survival techniques they need to grow up and face the world. Requirements: Leadership qualities. Adventurous attitude. Outdoors experience. Must be good with kids. Contact: Email AceSco
  10. Every week I will post a RP Prompt for you guys (Or you guys can post your own!). Feel free to answer about any character of yours you want, as long as you're having fun with it. RP Prompt #1 Does your character have a family? What are they like?
  11. So, my hope is that this will be a good gathering spot to plan RPs with my friends. What sort of stuff would you like to do?
  12. Sure he's annoying now, but he's got the potential to grow into something more.
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