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All-Star, All-TheTime! The Official Fan Club for All-Star!
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  2. Hi! Thanks for asking! I would say that Bonezone is definitely my nemesis. Us two just keep running into each other, you know? He'll rob a jewelry store or hold up a bank and I just always seem to be in the area. It's funny like that! No, we definitely have history given our first few encounters and it's all boiled down to a sort of respectful spiteness towards each other. Better nemesis than Frosty Chill. Favorite team ups? It's always shifting and I don't like to not include people but here's a short list: Chromeheart (American Steel represent!), Hex Worker is good to work with, Union Jane (though rare), Nightshield, and Raincaller.
  3. Hey All-Star, Thanks for doing this! Long time fan. Who are some of your favorite heroes to team up with and why? Also I saw your recent fight against Bonezone, is he your nemesis? Thanks, Douggie
  4. Hello! I am All-Star, the old sidekick of the All-American and a proud hero of Paragon City. I will be doing my best to answer all of your questions, but please before you ask, do check out the Say No To Superadine charity fundraiser. There's so many Paragon citizens suffering from this drug in more ways than one. Take back our communities today by donating and Ask Me Anything!
  5. I ran into All-Star today at the natural history museum. She had a gecko crawling over her and she was like "Do you want to learn about geckos?". I didn't answer but she proceeded to give me all kinds of gecko facts and tour me around the museum. Anyway it was a pretty cool experience! Thanks All-Star! - Ace
  6. Duplicate my air sounds once I have done the same!
  7. HELLO i wanted to say hi in all caps -signed post
  8. Every week I will post a RP Prompt for you guys (Or you guys can post your own!). Feel free to answer about any character of yours you want, as long as you're having fun with it. RP Prompt #1 Does your character have a family? What are they like?
  9. This hero is quite good and others should be a fan of her. I am very proud of her work as a hero. Thank you, Paige "Chromeheart" Pearson
  10. So, my hope is that this will be a good gathering spot to plan RPs with my friends. What sort of stuff would you like to do?
  11. I love you too ty for posting 🙂
  12. Haha thank you, I love you? 😩
  13. very cool post 🙂 ty for sharing
  14. Hi, I'm Adaptabelle, a level 50 Science Stalker!
  15. Hi, I'm El Cadejo, a level 50 Mutation Tanker!

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